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The Forest

Address : West End, Piccadilly Circus, London, W1D 7EU
Max Capacity : 650
Accommodation Availability : No

It is a quirky restaurant and bar, which brings the sounds and sights of Amazon rainforest to life. This unusually themed prom venue in London offers lively atmosphere and fun with some bizarre options. Enjoy delicious food and drinks in its jungle set up, which consists of animatronics of elephants, crocodiles, gorillas, jaguars, and other wildlife animals. This capacious party space boasts peculiar tropical fish tanks and indoor waterfalls too. And, if you want to enjoy more of the drama, then do not miss the thunderstorm every 29 minutes. 

Room Type
Butterfly Roomno-30----25-
Forest Floorno-130------
Whole venueno650-----400-