Why Choose Historic Venues in London for a Magical Prom

If the idea of arranging the prom in school cafeteria simply doesn’t appeal, do not worry. London has plenty of unique venues in store where you can arrange grand and glamorous gala that prom-goers will cherish for years. Why not choose historic venues London and wow your guests. These grand venues exude a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern comforts. Know why historic venues are getting popular for proms in London.

A Historic Backdrop
These elegant venues promise a unique historic backdrop for your event. With crystal chandeliers, domed ceiling, columns, and marvellous interior, these historic buildings reflect the charm of the bygone era. These promising venues pave way for stunning prom photography. Prom-goers will get some candid shots that they can cherish forever. Give your event an unusual historic twist by hiring one of these venues.

Modern Facilities
Steeped in history, these venues offer a perfect blend of historic grandeur and modern services. Arranging your prom at a historic venue doesn’t mean that it will be short of contemporary comforts. To keep the fun alive at your prom, these venues boast dance floor, DJ hire, karaoke, unusual acts, and a lot more. Besides, the in-house catering team wows the guests with a bespoke menu created keeping special requirements in view.

Plenty of Choices
Rich history of London has left behind a lot of historically significant buildings that have opened doors to arrange elite events. From grand fortresses to stately homes and historic houses, choices are endless in London. From Georgian constructions to Edwardian halls, each venue exudes the charm of the era it belongs to. Booking a historic venue doesn’t mean that you have to break your bank. All you need to do is book well ahead of time so you can snap up the best deals on venue hire.

With such a promising venue, your prom is bound be a big hit. While choosing your prom venue in London, make sure to consider these alluring options soaked in history.