Useful Ideas for Your Greek Themed Prom Party in London

Prom season is here in London and all of you would be making plans for your prom party. After all, it will be one of the biggest days of your life. However, with all the previous themes for proms used to exhaustion, the proms in London usually becomes a monotonous affair. You need to come up with a radical theme so that your prom does not run the risk of being bore.

To make your prom a truly remarkable affair, you can have the Greek theme for your party at London prom venues. This will not only be quite distinct but also put a touch of history into your prom affair in London. Here are some ideas, which you can use to infuse the Greek charm.


The ideal venue for a Greek themed prom party would be historic venues in London. As you know, Greece has a rich history, which goes back to ancient times. So, it would be apt that you book a venue in London which can equate the unsurpassable history of this country.

The costume that is most commonly associated with the Greeks is Toga. It is a loose flowing outer garment, made out of a single piece of clothing, which covers majority of the body. Although it is predominantly a male costume, but girls can also wear this. However, if you as a girl are not comfortable wearing this, then you can opt for Greek Goddess costumes like of Aphrodite. They are mostly free flowing gowns, quite elaborate and elegant in structure.

Drape all the furniture of your prom party venue with white sheets. You can also use streaks of purple and burgundy fabrics. Placing white statues will pronounce the Greek charm at the venue. At the table, use a lot of candles. If you can, try putting some floating candles in clear bowls of water. They will be magnificent add-on as centrepieces.

Furthermore, you can paste the pictures of Apollo, Zeus and other Greek gods. Greek epics and tragedies are known worldwide. Decorating the venue in sync with the epics can also be done.

Food Ideas
Greek cuisine is extremely rich and full of colours. Ceaser salad, chicken with red peppers, baked stuffed calamari, hummus, and stuffed grape leaves are the best choices. To accentuate the Greek flavour, choose white silverware and crockery.
For Greek themed party, prepare cocktails using ouzo, a type of Greek liquor. If you are not able to find ouzo, you can replace it with vodka. But, if the guests at your party are on the lighter side when it comes to drinks, you can go for Greek wines, which are milder.
Throwing a Greek prom party can be very entertaining and fascinating. With the help of these ideas, you can infuse the historic charm of Greece to your prom.