Top Prom Activities to Get the Party Going

No matter how fanciful prom seems, organizing it is a head-ache just like any other event. And when it comes to teens, it’s the hardest to keep them entertained. That pretentious crowd is always on the lookout to find something wrong. Now that you have chosen the best venue for school prom and decor, what else can you do to make this year’s prom an event to remember for lifetime? Other than dancing and mingling with friends, why not mix up some activities to get the ball rolling? And don’t worry; we are not going to mention prom king and queen competition herein.


That’s no brainer. But why not ditch the photographer and hire a photo booth, probably one with frames, moustaches, funky specs, and hair wigs? This way, teens can take some quirky and informal shots. And the best thing is the teens can take the photos with them on the spot. Wouldn’t it be a nice memory of the night?


Either you can make it a romantic Cinderella affair or  spice it up with exciting games. The ball is in your court but we would like to suggest something offbeat like poker tables, dance competition, or probably a fashion show. Some friendly competition is always enjoyed during such events and it will also work as an ice-breaker.


Choosing the Prom King and Queen is obviously going to be the standard activity. But how about including other superlatives and allow guests to vote for some other titles as well. Think of cool awards like “Best Dress”, “Best Dance”, “Best Hairstyle”, “Most Attractive”, and “Most Likely to End Up on Reality TV”. This will keep the fun quotient up in the party.

Try to include any or all of these activities in your prom and rest assured, because your prom will be cherished for years to come. After all, it’s not the decoration that prom-goers will remember, but the fun moments they have had.