Table Decoration Ideas for Your London Proms

A prom party in London is all about setting the right mood of evening. Décor plays a prominent role in your event, and no matter what theme you select, it is important to pick a table decoration that never goes out of style. Add a romantic glow to your prom party table decorations by choosing these ideas. These essential tips will help you to spark a glow to each table, allowing you to set the right mood:

They are the most easy to arrange items at your prom party. Crowns with balloon bouquets in your school colours are one of the common centrepiece options. You will find many pre-made centrepieces online, which you can use at your event. Look for stars, palm trees, hats, cutouts, candles, and more that match your prom theme. You can even think of using garlands and sprays to make your event look fabulous.

Sprinkle some glittering confetti around table centrepieces. This will add more charm to your party. Buy confetti in your school colours, or simply use heart shaped confetti.

Imprinted votive candles are best choice to decorate tables at prom venues. They add a unique glow and spark at your party. Place these votive candles in martini glasses or small bowls, and keep two or three per table.

Keepsake Set
On each table, place a neatly wrapped keepsake set. You can place a glitter frame with your school logo, a votive candle, or a beautiful celebration glass. Sell these sets along with some tickets to get additional funds.

Place Cards
If it is a seated buffet for all, then make sure you place cards on each table. Try to get cards that match your school colours.
Use these tips and ideas to decorate tables at London prom venues. A beautifully decorated venue will always get a huge appreciation from your guests.