Superhot Prom Hair Do Ideas for Long Hairs

You have nailed everything for your prom night in London- dress, accessories and shoes. But, what about hair! Now the time has come to figure this out especially if you have long hair as maintaining them is an arduous task. In order to be the star of the show at your prom venue in London, you need to have dazzling hair style so that you catch the attention of everyone. Here are some of the hottest hair do ideas for girls with long tresses.

Focal Point

If you are going for a backless gown, wear this classic hairstyle. The swirls with the accompanying whirlpool point in the middle make it

an extremely sassy look.

Hair type: Hair with volumes work best for this look.

Face Shape: This hair do works well with every face shape.

The Loose and Tousled look

If your face has strong accentuated features, then this is the do for you. The relaxed fringes gracing your face will make it look softer and finer.

Hair type: Layered hair is the best candidate for this look, as getting curls without layers would become difficult.

Face Shape: Long faces are ideal for this do as it tones down the accentuated features. If you have a wider face, keep the volume of hair at the top higher than the side fringes.

Finger Waves

This classic Gatsby look has made an astounding re-entry this season. The wavy locks will definitely attract eyeballs at your prom venue.

Hair type: Fine-textured hairs are the best options.

Face Shape: Oval shaped face makes for the best candidate for this look. In addition to this, heart-shaped faces will also complement this hairstyle very well.

The Grecian Goddess

Adorn the aura of Grecian beauties with this classic look.

Hair Type: Medium textured hair works best with the style.

Face Shape: Wider faces are great for this look, as the falling hair on both sides coupled with volume on the top of the head will make your face appear long.

A proper hair do accentuates the beauty of your appearance quite magnificently. Pick from the above mentioned ideas and sweep the world away with your dazzling hair.