Step Back in Time with 20s, 50s, and 80s Classic Prom Themes

Was there anything more elegant and glamorous than Hollywood during the 1920s-80s? Many high schools don’t think so! That’s why; they prefer to pick a vintage Hollywood theme to celebrate the end of high school. Roll out the red carpet, look after a historic prom venue, and decorate your prom location truly seems like something you would only watch in the old Hollywood movies!

In the article, Promvenues will assist you to step back in time and bring the vintage Hollywood feel to your prom party. Of course, you’ll get ideas on the basics but it’ll also consist of a few ways to create things a little more spectacular.

1920s Prom Theme

From faux bob hairstyle to flapper makeup and knee length dresses to pinstriped suits, 1920s was a decade known as the “Roaring Twenties” or the “Jazz Age”. This Golden Age of Hollywood followed a glamorous way of life, making it a perfect theme for school proms. There are plenty of 1920’s theme parties you could throw. Gangster, Great Gatsby, and Prohibition are just a few themes for fun-filled prom parties. Here are some of the important things that you need to consider while planning a 1920’s prom theme.

  • Get the Music Right– Give your 20’s-inspired prom party a twist by playing the music that was popular during the 1920’s. Ragtime, jazz, and Broadway were the popular musical tunes of the old time.
  • Wardrobe is everything – Attire is an essential consideration when it comes to planning a 1920’s prom party. Students are crazy about dressing to their nines in a vintage wardrobe. Girls can come dressed as flappers in knee-length skirts, while boys can try sporting classic Zoot suits.
  • Decorate your Venue – Buying decorative items or antiques from the epoch of the 1920s can sometimes be expensive. So, the better way is to be creative, instead of the actual. Hanging a beaded doorway curtain will help you to set the tone of the event. And for centrepieces, you can use feather boas, beads or candles.

1950s Prom Theme

If you are looking for a great rock-n-roll prom experience, then this is the theme for you. The 1950’s theme offers an opportunity to temporarily go back in time, when life seemed uncomplicated and fun. This prom theme is perfect to swing to a completely new sound and move to a completely new groove. Following you will discover the ins and outs of making a superbly exciting 1950s-themed party.

  • Pick a Suitable Theme – Create a right 1950’s ambience at your prom party by choosing a great theme. Soda Fountain, White t-shirts & cuffed jeans, and Black & Pink are some of themes that you can try for your prom celebration.
  • Serve 50’s refreshments – To satisfy the gastronomic wishes of the students, make sure to serve a 50’s sweet treat like Rice Krispies bars and Candy Bars. For beverages, consider soft drinks including grape and orange.
  • Plan entertainment – To host a perfect Rock n Roll theme party, play famous soundtracks of the 1950’s and teach everyone some 50’s dance moves like the Jitterbug, the Twist, and the Stroll.

1980s Prom Theme

If side ponytails, off-the-shoulder blouses, and neon leggings entice you, then you can ask your high school for choosing 80s prom theme. Hosting an 80’s theme party will help you to go back in a fantastic decade of trends that are funny and impressive. Students can try the famous 80’s dance moves like the Moonwalk, the Robot, and the Running Man. So, take out your parachute pants or anything of those ’80s and find out how to plan a great 80’s prom that no one will forget.

  • Request Students to Wear 80s costumes – Wardrobe is one of the most fun parts of throwing an 80’s party.  It is necessary to inform students that dressing up in 80s related attire is required for entrance.
  • Choose 80s music – Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Bruce Springsteen have been a few big artists that have produced great music during the 1980’s. To increase the music selections for your prom night, you can search online.
  • Plan games – To add an entertainment factor to your party, set up the gaming consoles like "Pac-Man," "Super Mario Bros." or "Donkey Kong." If budget is flexible, the best way is to hire a professional entertainer.

These vintage prom ideas will help you to make your high school party as totally awesome as it should be! However, make sure that with any celebration, you need to engage all senses to have an outstanding experience for your guests.