Quirky Venues for Your Prom Night in London

Fairy-tale prom in a conservatory, really? You’re not living in horse and buggy age. It’s 2014 and prom nights are becoming more and more extravagant with time. The latest prom trend is to skip the evening in Paris and host something that teens remember for years to come. And to do that a quirky ambience is the need of the hour. But don’t worry. Promvenues.com has a lot of unusual prom venues in store for you that allow some over-the-board themes to play. Check out the list below and drop us an enquiry for your favourite one.

The Forest

This quirky restaurant and bar transports guests to the enchanting Amazon rainforest with its unusual deco details. The whole venue is designed in way to rain fun on you. Enjoy enticing cocktails amidst the jungle with animatronics of gorillas, elephants, and jaguars. This venue can pull together a range of themes for prom. All you need to do is get your creative horses racing.  And if you can’t come up with unique themes, think of Avatar or take your guests into Alice’s Wonderland or for a more casual feel, host a luau. To take the drama to a whole new level, the guests will survive a thunderstorm every 29 minutes amidst the surrounding consisting of indoor waterfalls and giant fish tanks.


Who doesn’t love a carnival? Bring in the carnival magic into your prom by hiring Dukebox, a theatrical bar in London located just off Fulham Road. This brand new addition to London’s bar scene is fit for quirky prom celebrations. The venue has lots of theatrical details like carousel horses, stage, and caged jack-in-the-boxes to take the drama quotient up. Bespoke cocktails and great music combined with a quirky carnival inspired ambience, what else do you need to host a ravishing prom celebration? This hip venue allows amazing ambience for a cluster of themes such as carnival, circus, Casino Royale, and Candy Land. Take your prom inside this hidden gem and sweep the prom goers off their feet.

West End on Thames

If shaking a leg on the land is not enough for your 20-something crowd, take them on-board a ship, and have a boat party on Thames like never before. West End on Thames has amazing boats for hire that are spacious enough for a guest list of 600. Prom-goers here will get perfect photo opportunity against the backdrop of the Thames reflecting the city lights and London landmarks adorning the skyline. Partying on Thames means you have some offbeat themes to play with. Think a murder mystery on-board or how about a Pirates of the Caribbean themed costumed party. To really fill in the fun quotient, why not host an underwater adventure.

The Sky Bar

If your idea of prom is a sophisticated night full of romance, promvenues.com has something to offer. The Sky Bar at Grange Holborn hotel is certainly worth considering when choosing a prom venue in London. This pent-house level suite offer unobstructed views of the city lit up at night for you. The magical backdrop visible from the glass-fronted walls makes it fit for a starry night or even a fairy-tale themed romantic night.  Along with a breath-taking backdrop consisting London Eye and other major landmarks, this venue offer kitchen facilities and butler services as well. The adjacent Sky Bar Terrace allows guests to grab a leather couch, overlook London, and spend the evening al fresco in style.

Brunel Museum

This old museum was developed by Sir Marc Isambard Brunel directly above the Thames tunnel. Take your guests inside the historic walls of this museum to discover an amazing range of activities to explore. The ambience oozes out a Victorian elegance blended seamlessly with modern comforts. The Grand Entrance Hall is an epitome of history and science making a perfect venue for proms. Host a medieval ball here or bring the magic of Hogwarts into your venue with a Yule ball. From masquerade and Mardi Gras to Victorian themed bash, Brunel Museum is fit for a range of themes. Besides, the venue has a history of hosting elite events so an unforgettable event is ensured.

Choose one of these prom venues to add an unusual touch to the biggest event of school life. Don’t let it be a boring affair for the students. These venues and theme ideas will definitely appeal to their imagination. Send your enquiry with event details and we’ll come up with a range of venues suitable for it.