Prom Fundraising Ideas to Arrange an Extravagant Affair in London

Limos, opulent décor, stylish London prom venues, expensive tuxedos, and gowns, all these are a part of a simple prom. Not to mention, even the simplest prom can be an expensive affair. There is no guardian angel to help you out. In these cash-strapped times, schools and colleges do not have enough funds to arrange an extravagant affair. But don’t let the fact stand in your way to create a magical prom. You just need more magic to make it happen. And that magic is cash that you can easily increase with these top fundraising ideas.
Casino Night for Parents
Parents love to socialise too. Why not arrange a glamorous casino night and sell tickets to them. Set up tables to play casino games like Poker. Let them gamble their money.
Drawing Contest
Arrange a drawing contest wherein each student has to pay an entry fee. They can draw pictures of their favourite teachers. The best drawing that resembles the respective teacher the most wins the prize. Gear up for some interesting masterpieces.
Dance Lessons
Students from the dance team or cheerleading squad can share their skills and knowledge with the rest and contribute to the prom. Arrange dance lesson in the school gymnasium and raise money for the prom. Most of the teens will love the opportunity to learn dance forms like salsa and contemporary and show the best moves during the prom dance ball.
Talent Night
Teens love to show off their talent, so arrange a talent night. Ask students to participate and show what they can do. Ask parents and siblings to be a part of the event and sell tickets to them. They will love this chance to encourage their family member singing, dancing, or acting on the stage. And who knows you might find a dancer or a singer hidden in the uniform.

Pet Pageant
Let the canines and felines be a part of the prom ecstasies. Give the students a chance to show off their dear pets. Arrange beauty and talent shows and award the winners. Set up a panel of judges to choose the best and give prizes like doggie bones and catnip. You can keep the entry fee for the prom.  

Try any of these ideas to raise money for your prom night and make it an extravagant affair.