Prom Beauty Blunders to Avoid

You put so much effort in creating the perfect prom experience – the stylish dress, picture-perfect face, and the perfect peep toe pumps. But you don’t want all these effort to go to waste just because of some stupid beauty blunders. And don’t think you’re Bobby Brown! We all do mistakes in choosing our dress and make-up. We list down the most common beauty blunders that prom girls often make and ruin their Cinderella day.

Don’t Wear Too Much Make-up

You definitely want to look and feel your best, but wearing too much make-up will ultimately harm your look. You don’t have to change your natural look; you just have to improve it.  So, wear lighter make-up like a matt foundation combined with a soft lip colour and a little eye-shadow. You can go for Smokey eyes as well if you have tried the look before. The key is to go for a look that doesn’t look heavy. Opt for make-up that you can carry with confidence.

Iron Hair

No, we are not telling you to iron your hair here. The idea here is to not let your hair style look like you are wearing a helmet. You want that perfect hair do and walk in the prom venue like a celebrity on the red carpet. But hold on. You would definitely want your updo or ringlets to stay in place throughout the evening, but using extra styling products like gel and hair spray is not the right way. You hair might look good in pictures and from a distance but remember that prom also involves a romantic dance and you may get up close. You don’t want your date’s fingers get stuck in your hair when he touches them.

Don’t Over-accessorize

Accessories are perfect to complete your prom-worthy look. But you’ll have to be very choosy when it comes to the kind and number of accessories you can include in your look. A smart clutch and nice shoes are a must but other than that, choose one or maximum two standard pieces that accentuate your overall look. If you are wearing danglers, don’t wear a matching necklace, as it would look heavy and clumsy. Give your favourite accessory some space to shine out. Otherwise, you’ll become a treasure box where the signature diamond is always hidden.

Donning a dress that doesn’t fit

It’s mandatory to think of what style suits your body type before choosing your dress. Just because a dress looks good on a dummy doesn’t mean it will look good on you as well. If you have pear-shaped body like that of Beyonce, go for a strapeless dress that accentuates your shoulders. A-line skirts, Halter neck, and plunging necklines complement the pear-shaped body type. If you have an inverted triangle shaped body, shoulder pads, and full sleeves are a strict no no. Go for V necklines that draw attention away from your shoulders. And if you are blessed with an hour-glass shaped body, congratulations! Choose fitted cocktail dresses that highlight your slender waist and avoid loosely-fitted dresses so you don’t look straight.

Don’t Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Have you never worn short dresses? Or have you never felt comfortable in long gowns? If yes, then prom is not the right time to choose either. It’s the biggest night of your life before the wedding, so don’t don something that you are not comfortable in. Lack of comfort = lack of confidence. And you certainly doesn’t want that on a day when you’ll be competing for the title of Prom Queen. Just make sure to choose something that suits your comfort zone bus has some personality too. You obviously don’t want to wear something boring. The key is that you should not be self-conscious and sceptical of your style choice.

These were five of the most common prom style mistakes people commit. So keep these in mind when you envision your perfect prom.