Ideas to Arrange the Perfect After Prom Party in London

Prom night is supposed to be the most special night of high school. So, when the official party is about to over, what should you do to ensure that the night goes off with a bang? Here’s a list of fun things that you can try to throw the perfect after prom party that’s bigger than your prom itself.

Have a Memorable Photo Session

One of the most common post-prom activities is to have a photo session with your best buddies. All you need to do is to set up a digital camera on a tripod and attach it to a colour printer. Don’t forget to arrange some unusual or shocking props on hands such as long hats, fake moustaches, signs, and random objects for everyone to pose with. The pictures will be the perfect keepsake for everyone.

Catch a Hypnosis Show

From well-known hypnotists to the new resurgence of street performance, London has a wealthy background of magic and illusion. They could turn your peers into instant smiles. You can contact or request your local comedy club or improve theatres to host a hypnosis show. If your local theatre entertains the audience regularly, then it is often available for private parties.

Arrange a Bonfire

Since the high school prom usually happens in the month of May, which is the summer season in the country. An after party bonfire is the wonderful way to get excited for the relaxed summer days spent outside. A fun alternative to dancing, bonfire night is an event especially dedicated to fireworks and celebrations. It is suggested to keep the fire down, even if you are going to have party all night.

Head to a Party Venue

When the prom is drawing to a close, but your desire of dancing and partying is not coming to an end, all you need is a party venue that plays loud music after hours. Luckily, London has some of the best prom party venues where you can keep the beat going and the dance floor full with another post prom bash.

Hold a Bowling Competition

Fortunately, London has no shortage of bowling alleys where you can play a leisurely game or two with your closed friends. Brooklyn Bowl is one of the great venues where you can not only show off your bowling skills, but also catch variety of musical acts. Head to this venue and try to hold a competition to find out who can bowl the weirdest. Bowling through the legs and standing on a foot are just of the extremely enthusiastic challenges that you can add to your competition.

Have a Movie Marathon

If you have exhausted all your energy at prom party, then don’t feel bad about hanging out and seeing a movie with your colleagues. Ask everyone to dress up to their nines, get ready for a movie night out. Once the movie gets over, you can arrange a dinner party for all your friends.

Have A Blackjack Tournament

Are you a James Bond fan? If so, then you can hire a bunch of blackjack tables and hold a tournament in a pub or bar. Those who don’t like gambling can enjoy other things (like dance, play video games or drink mocktails), but every guest should bring ten pounds – five to cover the payment and five to put in the jackpot. The person who will win the blackjack contest goes home with £200 jackpot.

These ideas will help you to throw a perfect after prom party in London. Choose any one of these to have lots of fun with your friends.