How to Have an Alcohol Free After Prom Party in London

Many of the students in London look forward to after prom revelry when the dancing is over. Most of the high-school students usually have their first contact with the perilous world of alcohol during such parties. Glorification of alcohol laden after prom parties by Hollywood has led to this trend. If your prom is imminent and you want to keep your after prom a booze free affair at prom venues London, then take the following steps.

Spread the Word
It is most probably the best way to curb the menacing tentacles of alcohol on your after prom affair. The fact should be mentioned in the prom invitation that the after prom party would be an alcohol free affair. Dissipating the message through word-of-mouth can also be a good option. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Furthermore, driving your booze-carrying friend away from the prom would be a more awkward affair than telling that person straightaway beforehand.

Choose Correct Venue
Scratching your head as how a venue can have an effect on the booze factor? Think again on this. Selecting a correct venue can go a long way in keeping a check on the booze. For example, if you are organising your after prom party at bars and wine bars venue London, then chances are high that there will be an unrestrained flow of booze on offer for young revellers. Therefore, think for a more sophisticated and stylish party venue. Hosting the party at restaurant venues in London can be a good option.

Be Creative in Organising the Party
While organising your party, try to infuse the fun element. Large-scale party attractions can compensate for the booze. Sumo rings, moon bounces, and trampolines can fuel the adrenaline level in the partiers without taking recourse to wine.

Food and Drinks Part
Introduce a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages like root beer, DIY Thai Iced Tea, Rhubarb juice and many more. As far as food part is concerned, you can go for a large number of cuisines (keeping the crowd favourite in mind). However, keep large portions, as the appetite of the teenagers is quite big.

After prom is an event to celebrate in the right fashion. Do not muddle it up with booze. Employ these ideas and party sensibly and alcohol-free.