How to Decorate Your Prom Venue in London for Fairy Tale Theme

Decorating your prom venue in London with miniature castles and wonderland scenery are not the only elements while getting the decor right for Fairy Tale theme. To recreate the myriad replications of fairy tale theme, you need to plan quite scrupulously. Your decor should be such that it evokes an aura of timelessness and improbability. Take a hint from the ideas given below:

  • The first part is to roll out a red carpet to give a touch of ‘larger than life’ image. Additionally, place a huge mirror just before the entrance so that guests can have a look at themselves before entering the arena.
  • Have multiple cardboard palaces made by a craftsman and paste them at different locations in the venue. If you have chosen a historic venue in the City for your prom, then it will make things even easier as the venue’s grandeur would complement the cardboard palaces quite well.
  • After you have pasted castles, spray the castles with golden and deep yellow colours so that they look royal.  Add purple colour to the minarets and then outline the castle with sparkles.
  • Drape the walls of the venue with golden fabric and nail them at appropriate places. Then, attach small stars to the drapes to give the walls a heavenly look.
  • Take gold tulle and twinkling lights and suspend them off the ceiling. If your venue has a chandelier, then decorate the adjacent areas of chandelier with golden streamers to add the touch of elegance.
  • Have the paper figurines of fairies hanging off the ceiling with stars all over the venue to round off the decorations.
  • Put large crystals as the centrepieces or you can opt for faux crystal ball to give an enigmatic touch. Brightly coloured flower clips and fantasy creatures as the centrepieces will be an extremely alluring add on. Afterwards, scatter glitter, colourful ribbons and flower petals to enhance the theme even more.

Achieving a fairy tale decor in your prom venue is no difficult task. Just take a clue from the ideas given above and give the touch of unparalleled magnificence to your prom in London.