Hollywood Themes for a Unique Prom Night at Prom Venues in London

Prom is a special event that the teens dream about for years. You can make their dream night more special by throwing Hollywood inspired prom party. Let them feel the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and treat them like celebrities to make them feel more special. With such impressive theme, every prom goer will feel like a shining star and cherish the evening of freedom forever. These are some of the themes that you can successfully pull off at prom venues in London.

A Red Carpet Affair:
As the students walk down the red carpet, they will feel like Hollywood stars attending a movie premier. For the right effect, hire a professional photographer to capture their picture-perfect faces. Also, hire someone who can interview the students just like Hollywood personalities. With some impressive cuisine, DJ or a live band, the prom night will seem as if taking place in Hollywood itself.

The Twilight series is consuming the lives of teens. The idea is to create an intimate and dim lighted setting with candles but do not forget to hang a full moon for the Jacob fans. Teens can dress like the favourite couple Bella and Edward or other characters in the movie. Girls can get inspiration from Bella’s prom look when she wore a peacock blue halter dress with leggings and cotton sweater. To decorate the prom hall, you can use the Vampire colours like red and black and also add white to balance the look.

Potter Prom:
Winter balls have always been the rage for prom parties. In the Goblet of Fire, there was a stunning Yule ball at the end of the tournament. To pull off this fantasy theme, you can hire a grand ballroom or livery hall and hang a banner saying Welcome to Hogwarts or Platform no. 9 ¾. To give an old-fashioned look, you can hire a castle or a historic landmark. Yule ball prom theme is quite festive, so you can experiment with decorations. As for prom king and queen, you can substitute the titles with Harry Potter and Hermione.

Night at the Oscars:
Award ceremonies are significant evenings of Hollywood and serve as a beautiful theme for prom. Along with the usual prom king and queen, plan some special titles just like Oscars and hand out awards. Let the receivers give acceptance speeches if they like. With a venue decked out in satin drapers, chandeliers, fairy lights, and extravagant décor, the night will become more riveting and ritzy.

Pick any of these themes to arrange a unique prom night that the teens will never forget.