Fantastic Ideas for Your Prom Dance in London

The 2013 Prom season is here in London. And, things have changed with modern day proms, as they little resemblance to proms we had during our high school days. Nowadays, high school proms are held in luxury prom venues where young girls arrive in limousines. Fancy dresses and beautiful ornaments make them look similar to a London bride. To add more drama and extravagance to your event, plan your party using these dance ideas. If you are in charge of thinking prom dance, then are several factors you must consider while planning:

Choosing a Venue
Picking a club or bar venue in London will be appropriate for your party. These prom venues London have better arrangements for DJs, live music, and dance floors. When you pick a prom theme, make sure it is perfect for the chosen venue. You can easily transform these venues through dressing them with classy theme décor. Many venues have a certain ambience, so make sure you pick the right theme to avoid any décor clashing.

It is always important to consider the kind of emotions you wish to evoke at your party. If you are planning to evoke fun, romance, mystery, or elegance then narrow down on choices of themes. For a romantic mood, it is better to select Midnight in Paris rather than decorating with Mardi Gras Madness.

Take Idea from Earlier Themes
Do some research and find out what kinds of themes were used in the past. You can even look at what others schools are doing. This will help you to come out with other brainstorming dance ideas. You can reach into the past and recycle a theme from a past prom at your school. When selecting a prom dance idea, do make sure that it works easily with your venue décor.

Prom Music
Get inspired at your party by choosing some great prom songs and dance music. Ask DJs at the venue to play some classic as well as modern day dance numbers that you can enjoy with your schoolmates. Get on the dance floor and shake your body to lovely tunes played by these DJs. You can even browse some great classics online and ask DJs to play your event.

Follow these ideas to have a wonderful dance party at your London prom night. Pick any of the prom party venues in London and organise your high school event in style. You can make online enquiry about venues here.