Cute and Charming Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom

Asking a girl to prom can be one of the most taxing tasks for a teenager. To stand out of the crowd, your way has to be delectably distinct from others and yet quite endearing. If your prom is imminent and you want to show up at your prom venue London with your dream girl, use these tips. They will make sure that your prom night is magical with your beloved accompanying you.

Pass a Note
It may sound an enforced cliché, but this is one of the sweetest ways of asking a girl to prom. Pass her a simple note asking whether she wants to attend the prom with you or not? Below your message, write options of “yes” or “no” and instructions to circle the desired option. Do not complicate the message. This gesture is not only appealing but also fetch you an instant reply.

Write It on a Cake
Adorn the cake with your prom invitation. If you are good at making cakes, then you can bake a cake for her with your invitation beautifying the cake surface. If you are not a cook, do not despair. Simply order a cake with your “Will you go to prom with me?” question gorgeously carved out in the colour red (red being the colour of love). Present her this cake and who knows she presents you a cake with a “yes” printed on it. Try this out.

Make Her Realize That She is Extremely Special for You
Do something special for your beloved before prom and let her know about this. For example, your prom party happens to be in dance venues London. You have two left feet when it comes to dancing and your beloved is a pro at that. Then learn how to dance. Afterwards, pass on this message that you have learnt how to dance only and only for her. This will definitely win her heart.

Prom nights become magical if your beloved is with you. Use these tips and attend your prom party with the girl of your dreams.