Classic Game Ideas to Hold Your High School Prom in London

Getting together with your high school mates and celebrating a prom party is always special. And, to make this event more special, plan some amazing games and activities to keep everyone engaged. Most School prom venues in London provide you a great opportunity to arrange a wide range of fun activities and games at your event. They are spacious and have facilities to turn your event fun-filled.

Read on to know more about games you can organise at these venues:

Dance Off
Proms are all about dancing. And, what is better than having a dance competition at your event. Pair up your mates in teams or have a solo dance competition. Play classic songs from rock, pop, hip-hop, and others. Ask some of your friends to judge every performance and rate them from 1 to 10 points. The dancer best moves win.

Use a handkerchief to blindfold a person and ask other players to dance around him. This player tries to catch players as they dance. When the player does not catch one, he/she can touch his/her face or body to determine who it is.

A Game of Limbo
This game is a perfect option to play with a tropical themed prom. Ask two of your mates to hold ends of a long stick. Form a long line and pass one by one under this stick. With every round, stick gets closer to ground, making it tough to pass under it. If a player touches this stick, he/she is out. The player who remains at last wins the game of limbo.

There are number of prom games, which you can plan at your party. Hire a special London school prom venue and ask event planners to arrange items for these games. To book a perfect school prom venue in London, please click here.