A-Z Guide to Planning a Prom in London – Part 2

Here is our part-2 of the comprehensive A-Z guide to planning a prom in London.
N – Notice Board

This is the perfect place to help students make wise choices when it comes to prom. This is the place where you can give clues to the unsaid rules of prom. Make prom announcements here and divide the board into different parts. Keep an area for the road safety rules, a third of the board for prom dance and after party safety tips, and the rest for announcements. Dress the board in wrapping paper to shout out loud, “It’s Party Time”!

O – Outfit

During all these arrangements, don’t forget to prepare your outfit, makeup, and accessories at least 2 weeks in advance. If you’ll leave it for the last, chances are that you’ll be carrying either an ill-fitting dress or blasphemous makeup not complementing your look at all. And make sure to take a makeup trial beforehand. Do you ever book a caterer without pre-tasting his delights? Then how can you book a makeup artist before taking a trail.

P – Photography

If you’re in London, choice is endless as London is crammed with photography geniuses. But do you want to have the same old poses? Make your prom photography interesting and fun with photo props. Set up a photo booth complete with vintage hats, moustaches, fun hair wigs, and photo frames.

Q – Qualms

It’s natural to get overwhelmed, excited, stressed, and scared at the same time. These are just prom qualms. So just calm down and think that it’s just one night in your whole life. You can either enjoy it or worry too much about it and spoil the fun. Nobody is going to remember your dress but if you spill a drink on someone in pressure, you’ll be remembered for years. So just relax and take proper rest before the prom to look and feel your best.

R – Ride

Hiring a limo means you’ll end up with an empty pocket. Why not think of other options? If you have a large group of friends going to the prom together, hire a London bus, enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails, strike a few poses with the decked bus, and get in the party mood. Or otherwise, you can also think of horse drawn carriages, a fairy-tale ride for a fairy-tale night.    
S – Songs

Music adds life to a party and sets the right vibe. And to make sure that prom goers dance the night away and have fun, choosing the right music matters. Here are some of the favourite prom songs that you must add in the playlist.

Justin Timberlake – SuitanndTie           
Pitbull-C Aguilera – Feel This Moment           
Justin Bieber w /Nicki Minaj – Beauty and a Beat           
Taylor Swift – I Knew you Were Trouble           
Kelly Clarkson –    Catch My Breath                           
Justin Timberlake – Mirrors           
Maroon 5 – One More Night           
Ne-Yo – Let me Love You   

T – Themes

Don’t make it a boring ball, theme it and let the fun begin. Welcome guests to enjoy a “Night in Paris” or transport theme to an Island with a “Hawaiian Luau” theme. Make it a Harry Potter themed Yule Ball or a Twilight themed romantic night. Or how about an Oscars Night? Allow the prom pairs to walk down the red carpet followed by paparazzi. If party is a dish, theme is what spices it up. So make sure to pick a unique theme to jazz up the ambience and throw an unforgettable prom.
U – Under the Radar

It’s the little things that go unnoticed and have the potential to make or break the party. What if you forget to test the AV equipment or venue lighting or to invite someone important, or what if the plates or cutlery falls short. To avoid any last-minute embarrassments, make sure that everything is tested beforehand so that nothing goes wrong.  But don’t over stress yourself as nothing is perfect and nothing can be. Although avoiding these common blunders is a sane choice.

V – Vendors

Venue, caterer, DJ, and entertainment should be booked at least 6 -12 months in advance. More you delay, the more will be the booking prices. Besides, early booking means you have more chances to secure a great offer or deal. Send the songs request list to the DJ 2 months in advance and also decide the seating arrangement and finalise number of guests with the venue during this time.

W – Website

Instead of using the school notice board or pamphlets, make a dedicated website for your prom and ask all the prom goers and committee to get RSS feed or subscribe to the Newsletter. If the process sounds tedious or time consuming, why not create a Facebook page and keep posting all the latest updates and announcements. And if not Facebook, then any other social media platform that the students use can be used.

X – Xtras

Last year they did a chocolate fountain which was fun. What about this year? You have to plan something to have that surprise element in the prom. How about a snow machine or a bubble machine? Or why not have a fireworks display if it’s allowed in your area? Have your prom at Inner Temple Gardens and Marquee which has a giant chess board and pieces. This would work as a perfect backdrop and a photo prop to have endless fun with.

Y – Why?

Whenever you make an important decision, make sure to ask yourself why. If you’re able to answer, it’s good. But if not, you should reconsider before making any final decision. If you’re choosing a particular theme, answer the why first. If you’re worrying too much, answer yourself why. This will help you make considerate and confident decisions.

Z – Zero Wastage

You divide the prom committee into several sub committees and assign different tasks to them. And then you realise that the decoration committee has already purchased items that were not required in the venue. May be the venue already has a glinting chandelier or LED lighting effects. If so, there is no need to spend on streamers or fairy lights. To ensure zero wastage, keep your numbers in check. Hiring two extra centrepieces can cost you over $50 which you could have spent elsewhere.

If you’ll keep these A-Z points in view before making prom decisions, the night will turn out to be hassle-free for you and fun for all. Visit our A-Z prom guide part 1 to view the A-M list for prom planning.