6 Money Saving Tips for Proms in London

Proms turn out to be both outstanding and outlandish night of your life. It’s equally a budget blowout as it is fun. Recently we read on the dailymail.co.uk that American families spend around $1,139 on proms and Britain too is treading on the same road.  And keeping that in mind, promvenues.com has come up with 6 tips that’ll help you keep your budget on track. One thing that you have to keep in mind is it’s just one night of the year so if one night leaves you with an empty wallet, it just doesn’t make sense. Although if you have the budget, there’s nothing wrong in taking things up a notch. Here are the top money-saving tips for both prom goers as well as the organizing committee.

For Prom Goers

Look for a Once Worn Dress
First, peep into your sister, mother, or cousin’s closet. Voila! May be you have found a dress you ever wanted FOR FREE! But if not, you can look for more once worn prom dresses at ebay where you can find dresses for around $50 but if you have the budget of $100, don’t forget to check out jjshouse.com as you’ll find a beautiful once used dress for around $100 to $150. And if you are still keen to buy a new dress, try to purchase during off-season to get a nice discount. And think like a tailor when you choose a dress. A glittery embroidery patch can be detached, length can be shortened, sleeves can be removed, and if it’s a one size big bargain dress, all you need to do is go to the tailor for a little tweaks. Also, make sure to buy something that lasts. Don’t go after something that’s too trendy. Find a classic fit and fabric like silk and satin than something flimsy that won’t last and can’t be worn again.

Do Your Own Makeup

It can be risky as long as you don’t have the right tools and don’t know what blunders to avoid. First mistake to avoid is, don’t highlight both your eyes and mouth. Thinking what to pick? It’s simple! What do your close ones complement you on. Choose that part and make it look the best and downplay the other one. If you want to spice up your lips, make sure to use red or dark pinks for prom. Keep the brown and golden ones for your grandmother.  If you plan to play up your eyes, use mascara, shadow, and eye liner. Go for a matte pencil eye liner instead of the liquid one if you are not a practiced user. This is not the time to experiment, so make sure you don’t go for faux eyelashes or lenses if you haven’t used them before. Here is a prom makeup tutorial by Lauren Curtis to ensure you look prom perfect. If you don’t want to do the makeup yourself, don’t go to the salon. Visit the local department makeup store for a free makeup application. You may have to purchase one or two products but it’s probably one of the cheapest ways to get a professional makeup done.


Skip the Limo

Yes, it looks cool but it will eat up a large amount of your prom budget. If you have a group of friends to share the costs, good. But if not, do not opt for a limo. Carpooling is as much fun as limo pooling is. And when you’ll look back upon prom, all you’ll remember is the good times you have had not how you rolled up to the venue.

For Organisers

Look Prom Venue Deals

First, look for something simple like a banquet hall or a nightclub venue. If you don’t have the budget, choosing a rooftop bar with views or a historically significant place is not the right choice. And make sure to start looking for a venue months in advance. Advance booking always ensures you’ll get your prom venue at discounted rates. Go for a week day prom than a weekend. A few decorations will help you achieve the look you want. So don’t worry if the venue looks plain and boring. We have a few ideas for you to jazz it up.

DIY Décor

Instead of paying a hefty price for prom theme set-ups, do it yourself. To make the venue look prom worthy, set a wow-worthy backdrop with ribbons. Attach ribbons to the hula hoops to make big chandeliers or to small rings to make smaller ones. Attach a chain to opposite ends of the hula hoop and a hook in the centre of the chain to hang the chandeliers from the ceiling. It’s an easy craft you can assign to the decoration committee. You can also tie ribbons at the back of the chairs. Another great idea is to use helium balloons. Attach streamers to the balloons and leave them to float on the ceiling. And make sure to put a stone in each before blowing them up to make sure they stay in place on the ceiling.  Tie threads to the balloons, attach the end of the thread with something heavy, and place on tables to make extraordinary centrepiece.

Light It Up on a Cheap

If the school already uses fairy lights for Christmas decoration, bring them into the venue. Hang them from the middle of the ceiling to the walls making a tent like structure. If the number of strings is less, pair tulle strings along the lights. You can also put the lights under the tables to create a fairy like effect. When booking a venue, check whether the venue offers ambient lighting or not. It can truly set a romantic backdrop and create a party vibe. Go for an intense colour like blue or green for the dance floor and soft pink or violet for the overall venue.  Candles are another cheap and easy option to set a romantic aura without spending too much. Place glass bowls with floating candles to make amazing centrepieces.

Hopefully these ideas will allow you to have more fun while spending less on your prom. With these tips kept in mind, you can definitely create a prom that’s perfect yet budget-friendly.
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