5 Reasons You Should Never Miss Prom

Thinking of the prom king and queen contest? Freaking out about how to ask your date? Wondering whether all this fuss is worth it? Relax! We have the answers for you. After Hollywood blockbusters stereotyping prom, preparing for prom seems like havoc. All this mayhem literally eliminates the fun students can have. It’s not mandatory to go to prom but you still should. And we give you five reasons to do that.

You Get to Buy a New Dress

When did you last purchase a beautiful silky tea-length dress? You don’t remember, right? This is your excuse to buy a dress wearing which you’ll feel like a princess.  If you miss this chance, the next time you’ll get to buy a beautiful dress is, when you’ll get married. And you don’t want to wait that long, right?

You’ll Have Memorable Pictures

Remember the last time you strike a pose? Was it with your little brother wearing matching pajamas or was it wearing the ugly sweater during Xmas party? This is your time to take the centre stage and let the world know of the red-carpet star in you. Dress up to the nines and strike poses like a star. These photographs will take you down the memory lane every time you’ll see them. 

You Don’t Want to Regret Not Going!

Prom is not a one-day event. Even after it’s over, everybody will be talking about it on Monday. And you definitely want to be a part of the stories. It’s better to be a participant than a silent observer. Unless you can time travel like the Men in Black, you can’t step back in time to attend your prom.  Once gone, it’s gone forever. You should never miss your Casino themed party anyways. If you don’t get the feel of Vegas, you have the option to leave early with your date or group and go bowling or enjoy a late night eat out.

You Can Stay Out Past Midnight

This is one of the few days when your parents would easily allow you to stay out in the wee hours. So why not make plans and meet your friends at a 24-hour open restaurant, a bowling alley, or enjoy a Limo ride. (Don’t drink if driving).

You’ll Have Stories to Tell

What if your date goes to prom with another one? What if you fall off the dance floor? Shun-off these nasty thoughts and think that at least you’ll have some stories to tell at the end of the day. Things that look embarrassing to you now will turn out to be humorous incidents. These will work as ice-breakers when going to college for the first time or for that awkward first date when you don’t know what to say.

So don’t think too much and keep these five things in mind before you decide to miss the prom. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.