5 Essential Responsibilities of a Prom Organiser

Prom organizer has the challenging role of hosting your high school prom perfectly. He or she is the one who takes care of every detail planned to match the student’s needs. The organiser typically plays an advice-giving role and helps the prom-committee in selecting the perfect venue, theme, and music for the occasion. Here are some of the essential responsibilities of a prom organiser when planning a high school party.

Employ Team for your Prom Committee

Forming a planning team is a common first duty of a prom organiser. While recruiting students and team for the prom committee, the key is to gather as many volunteers and extra hands as you can. Remember, the more members or people you involve, the more chances that prom will engage students and the easier planning will be. Every team member should have the organizers (or planner’s) mobile number in the event of an emergency.

Have a Realistic Budget

Remember that as a prom planner, it is your responsibility to deal with the budget. But, if you are a first time planner, make sure you take an estimate from the previous year’s prom to find out whether your budget is appropriate enough or not. Before planning and executing the event details, it is important for an event planner to do a little research and have a realistic budget for all the expenses to be incurred. If the budget is not what you would like to have, you should consider prom fundraising ideas.

Pick a Theme

Holding a high school party also requires the essential task of selecting a theme. A theme is a great way to get students excited about attending the event. From Hollywood prom themes to starry night, there are so many options that you can choose to set the tone of your occasion. Request your prom planning team to delve into prom themes, find out the choices of fellow students, and pop up with their favorite ideas. But, if you want to choose a theme that everyone loves, try using a secret ballot vote to come to a decision.


A very important factor that can make or break the event is party venue. According to Melanie Woodward (UK-based prom advisor), one third of most school’s prom budgets spend on the venue. You need to think about your budget carefully before picking a location to hold the prom party. Secondary schools that are running low on budget can organise the party at the school’s gym or cafeteria, but those who want to splurge a bit extra can take a look at some amazing prom venues. Every student will remember this last gathering of high school, so you need to make it a special and memorable one.

DJ or Live Band

A prom party also consists of dancing, dinner, and live music. You need to make a decision if your school will be hiring a DJ or a live band. A majority of students will prefer to listen to a live band, instead of a DJ. But, if your budget is not enormous, you can opt for a DJ or recruit a volunteer to play music during the party. Try to pick a volunteer, who knows the pop music culture and can play the music that students love. This way, you will be able to draw the attention of students and make the Prom experience even more terrific.

These are just a few essential responsibilities that every prom organiser needs to perform. It is his or her responsibility of managing all the little details involved in making the Prom a memorable affair.