5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Prom Expenses

It’s evident that you’re excited about your prom date. But, before start counting down to big night of your dreams, here’s how to save on everything. Be it clothes or transportation, these secrets will make your prom night a memorable one without making your bills a nightmare.

Rent the Perfect Outfit

Nowadays, prom dresses have become a little flashy with an influence of Hollywood fashion. And you’re not alone; there are other girls and boys as well, who insist on spending on their fashionable prom dresses. But, you don’t need to have a celebrity-sized budget to look gorgeous on your big night. Instead, you can rent your perfect dress for the night at just £40 using different online websites.

Hop the Expensive Limo

If you’re on a tight budget, then splurging hundreds of pounds on the expensive limo is not a good idea. There are number of vehicles to pick from for your prom party needs. Rent any fancy car that complements your budget and style. And, if don’t wish to spend on transportation, then it’s best to ask your parent’s or friend’s car and save your precious savings.

Find Best Deals for Shoes

With a little research online, you can save big on your prom shoes. There are plenty of e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay, offering great season discounts. All you need to do is to find the best deal. Don’t forget to compare prices, before ordering your selected pair of shoes. And, make sure to check whether the shipping charges apply or not. Also, check the return policy of the website.

Click Your Own Pictures

You or your friend probably has a digital SLR camera – so why pay out a couple hundred pounds on a photographer. Let your friends do a favor for you to click your pre-prom and post-prom pictures. If none of them are good at photography, request your juniors to arrange some photography classes before the event. This way, you will save your money without compromising any of the fun.

DIY Beauty Treatments

Rather than splurging a lot of money at a beauty parlor, why not try your own home-made beauty treatments. You will come across tons of great tutorials online, where you can find makeup and hair inspiration. Always make sure that you use trusted website. Ask your most beauty-conscious friend to help you out in your prom makeup.

These are a few money-saving secrets that will hopefully help you enjoy a memorable prom night, while curtailing the unnecessary waste.