3 Things A Guy Should Not Do on His London Prom Night

Prom night is one of the special events in every high school boy’s life. From the very first day of school, a high school guy in London dreams about his prom preparations. You may spend entire year dreaming and planning how to celebrate at historical venues London, but sheer anticipation of the event may often mess up things for you and your date. Here are few important tips about what you should not do on your prom night and make the night perfect to remember. From impressing your date to the first kiss, make sure your follow these tips at your school proms:

Do Not Misbehave With Your Date

Every high school girl dreams of having a special prom night. Make sure you give her just that. Do not spoil her night by just holding your drink and standing at bar. Find out about favourite colours, flowers, and things she likes the most. She said yes to you, so now you must make her night special. Do not be arrogant and make her feel more romantic. Buy her some lovely gifts and plan an evening of her dreams.

Do Not Put Her Off

Prom parties are all about dancing, and they give you a chance to dance closely with your date. But, be sure you do not get too close to her, making her feel uncomfortable. Try to read her face and expressions. If she goes stiff when you put your hand around her waist, then it may be because she is uncomfortable. It may be a sign of her nervousness too. Simple ask her, if she thinks you getting too close to her. If she says yes, do not feel discouraged. This may be first time she is dancing with a guy. So, give her some time to be comfortable. But, just do not put her off.

Should I Kiss Her or Not

Everything turned up exactly the way you wanted it to go. You had fun with her, a lovely dance, clicked lots of photos, and now it is time to see her off. But, one question that often makes a guy nervous is – ‘should I kiss her or not?’ It all depends how observant you were at your prom party. Did she like dancing with you? Was she comfortable spending the night with you? Did she have fun clicking photos with you? All these will tell you whether you should approach your date for that first kiss. Be sure if both of you want this and watch out for a place where her parents are not around.

As a guy, you must consider these simple tips, which will help you have a perfect prom night in London. Make your date feel comfortable and enjoy dancing with her at the party.