3 Retro Themes to Add Magic to Your London Proms

Look into the past and go retro for making your London proms more interesting. Vintage prom themes celebrate years gone by in their own style and music. Recreate the charm of yester years at your prom by choosing these popular party themes. Book a stunning music venue London and mine these prom themes to make your event look different:

70s Disco Theme
Bring back the magic of 70s by arranging a unique disco-themed prom in London. Use plenty of disco balls, lava lamps, or glitters to decorate your prom venue. Strobe lights are perfect addition to create a disco dance floor and encourage your guests to dance. Play music from disco era, and ask your guests to come dressed up in shimmery outfits, retro jackets, and pantsuits.

Old Hollywood Prom
Old Hollywood is a glamorous prom theme that focuses on legends like Katherine Hepburn, Vivien Leigh and others. You can make an Old Hollywood prom theme look sophisticated by adding lush colours like black, red, and gold. Hang up cutouts of Academy Awards from the ceiling. Roll out a traditional red carpet for your guests. Ask all women to dress elegantly, with hats, high heels, and feather boas. Men will look stunning in their smoking jackets, stylish tuxedos, and hats. Play a big music band to create a nightclub atmosphere to woo your prom guests.

Classic 50s Theme
Recreate the classic movie set from 50s at your London prom party. Women can wear more fluffy, feminine dresses, while men will look perfect in their leather jackets. Play music hits from 50s, such as Buddy Holly, Fats Domino, and Elvis Presley. Hang posters from 1950s on the walls. You can even arrange for a jukebox to add more appeal to your party décor. For food, serve hot dogs, hamburgers, and milk shakes.

These vintage prom themes will create a majestic appeal at your prom night in London. Use any of these theme ideas to recreate the magic from the past.