Paris Themed Prom Party in London

Once in a lifetime event is ringing the doorbell and you are yet to decide the theme of 2017’s Prom? Well, did you give a thought to highlight romance at the Prom with some significance? If not, then Paris might be your cup of tea!

Plan a pretty prom party with perfect ‘Paris theme’. The whole realm around you recites praising song of elation, pampering dance, amusement, you know it is prom time. And what else can complement these gestures than Paris itself? All the shades of love and pleasure reside here. Be the first host to bring that inimitable magnetism of Paris to your prom party in London. Let all the guests appreciate your efforts and creativity which take them to Paris without spending a single

Have a glance at some appealing ideas to throw a promising prom bash this year. 

Reach Paris Skyline through Eiffel Tower

Make every guest feel wow while entering the venue through the iconic Eiffel Tower gateway cutout. Keep them inhaling the Parisian aroma as they explore the venue interiors. Embellish each corner with dazzling Paris skyline and Arc de Triomphe cutouts. Illuminate the venue with soothing sparkling lights to enhance the feel. Besides, balloons and ribbons are all time hit ideas to add charm to any party décor. The Troxy is quite an interesting venue to hold themed parties in London.

Romantic Red with Bold Black

Touch the zenith of romance in prom by setting a red-black dress code. Red universally signifies love and black is an evergreen complementing tint. Just imagine pretty girls in red and black gowns, matching step to step with handsome hunks in black or red tuxedo, on slow romantic melodies. What a dream moment that would be. Hire The Wren, a fascinating party venue in London allowing theme parties.

Treating Tongue with Parisian Cuisines

Include the authentic menu of Paris to your Prom’s platter. Treat the craving of your guests with a satiating package of dinner and drinks. A Parisian meal is incomplete without bread, cheese, and red wine. Arrange a tempting buffet including an exotic flavour of grilled chicken, meatball, vegetable tofu, beef stew, and lot more.

Picture Perfect with Parisian Props

Add an instant allure to prom by setting up a striking photo booth at any of the corners. Dangle soft coloured accordion lanterns and vintage birdcage to blend up elegant and rustic grace. Keep some exciting youthful props to let the guests click for latest profile pictures. You can use Paris favoured photo frames, cut out of giant glares, hammered moustache, and more, to heat up the merriment a level ahead.

Take Paris Dreams Home

Who does not like gifts? Wrap the party on a happier note by gifting some exclusive reminder of a great night. Arrange chocolate gift hampers packed in Parisian-styled gift wraps; Eifel Tower customised candle stands would accentuate your tasteful vision.

Get up and get started with these ideas to hold an invigorating prom with a twist of Parisian tang. Send an enquiry to to hire some wonderful venues for your prom party. Select a preferable venue from the elegant range and get ready to live most cherished moments of life.