Ten Things to Love about Proms in London

The pomp, glamour, and everything that a high school movie eventually boils down to – is what we call a prom. Its clichéd, cheesy, yet makes up for one of the most lovable memory of a youngster while growing up. What’s so special, you ask us? It’s about the flowers sitting pretty and the music getting you to dance a tune or two with your friends. When your date arrives with a matching corsage or you get her to the venue in the much-anticipated limo. This and more, is all about your magical night and the things you love about them.
In UK, the prom tradition is not as old as it is believed to be. Barely about a decade old, its current avatar is more inspired by its American counterpart. Like a wild fire, every teenager now desires to ask out their date to the prom and create a memorable romantic memory out it. Earlier though, there was a milder British tradition called leavers disco which was mostly just about a dance. Whereas, dancing at the prom is just one part of the whole affair. 
Here is a list of 10 things everyone loves about prom nights in London:

Theme is the Cream:

Everybody expects the theme for the prom to outdo the last year’s one. It can either make or break the special day for the people in it. It definitely can dictate every other aspect of the magic night like, dress, music, dance, venue, and the enjoyment factor. A prom theme is more about keeping the event distinctive, memorable, and fun for everyone. From a traditional dance party or Cinderella theme to an unusual or crazy one, the chosen prom theme is the final word. 

Will you go to the prom with me?

Once the prom is announced, what is the next thing that pops to your head? It surely is about picking the people you want to spend your time with. Whether it’s a date, a group of friends or going solo, you can choose the people to be comfortable and yourself around. But if it’s someone special that you have been meaning to ask out, there is no better opportunity to do that than your prom. Make it a surprise or a grand gesture, find innovative ideas to do that and win her heart

All Dressed Up: 

Who doesn’t love to choose between looking like a blue blood or glamorous star on their prom night? With befitting tuxes and gorgeous gowns, you can fit the crowd but stand out at the same time. With so many shopping options available all over London, you can buy your favourite brands and gowns at designer boutiques of Bond Street and Mayfair. If you want to save a buck or two, explore the Oxford Street featuring a potpourri of shops n stores catering to every type of shopper. There are a lot of stores that let you rent fabulous dresses without burning a hole in your wallet for your special day.


Just like adding life to a party, the venue of your prom party can matter more than you think. Depending on the lines of the theme, a venue is more than just a place to dance through the night. Its decorations and interior plays an equally significant role in creating the whole charm around it. Sites like Promvenues.com provides several venues for hire like luxury ones with exquisite location or distinctive destinations with mesmerizing vistas

Pre-Prom Fun:

Who says all the fun is about prom when there are a ton of things to do with your buddies right before it. Getting ready together with your girlfriends, doing your hair, getting the dress right, can feel like a glamorous slumber party. Together you can try some DIY fashion tips or hair styles to get that perfect look for the Prom. 

Boutonniere/ Corsage:

With these matching flower accessories, it is more about the gesture for your date rather than the flowers itself. These attachable flower arrangements are now a staple of the prom tradition. 

Drive and Big Entrance:

Just like the corsages, a drive in a posh car with your date and friends can make a great grand entrance at the prom. With a red carpet like feel, this is a great way to roll in the event hand in hand with your date. You can still make a grand entrance by choosing something distinctive other than a limo ride, like a horse driven carriage. 

Dirty Dancing:

With the greetings, jokes and the announcements, when does the real fun at prom begin? It is the moment you put your dancing shoes to work and create magic on the dance floor. While many choose to even take classes to get their moves right for the event, some just like to groove through the night with their pals.

After-Party Celebrations: 

Why halt the night at prom when there still time! Get your friends and girlfriends together and extend your festive mood into an after party. Choose to dance away the night or any activity that you, your date and your pals can enjoy.


The whole point of prom is to give you a happy memory about your school time and young life. From the moment you get to know about the prom till the time you bid adieu to your friends, every special moment is caught on camera. These pictorial memoirs are the finest way to remember your magical night like it was just yesterday.
So, with these ten things to love about Proms in London you can liven up your moment and have the time of your life.