5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Prom Expenses

It’s evident that you’re excited about your prom date. But, before start counting down to big night of your dreams, here’s how to save on everything. Be it clothes or transportation, these secrets will make your prom night a memorable one without making your bills a nightmare.

Rent the Perfect Outfit

Nowadays, prom dresses have become a little flashy with an influence of Hollywood fashion. And you’re not alone; there are other girls and boys as well, who insist on spending on their fashionable prom dresses. But, you don’t need to have a celebrity-sized budget to look gorgeous on your big night. Instead, you can rent your perfect dress for the night at just £40 using different online websites.

Hop the Expensive Limo

If you’re on a tight budget, then splurging hundreds of pounds on the expensive limo is not a good idea. There are number of vehicles to pick from for your prom party needs. Rent any fancy car that complements your budget and style. And, if don’t wish to spend on transportation, then it’s best to ask your parent’s or friend’s car and save your precious savings.

Find Best Deals for Shoes

With a little research online, you can save big on your prom shoes. There are plenty of e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay, offering great season discounts. All you need to do is to find the best deal. Don’t forget to compare prices, before ordering your selected pair of shoes. And, make sure to check whether the shipping charges apply or not. Also, check the return policy of the website.

Click Your Own Pictures

You or your friend probably has a digital SLR camera – so why pay out a couple hundred pounds on a photographer. Let your friends do a favor for you to click your pre-prom and post-prom pictures. If none of them are good at photography, request your juniors to arrange some photography classes before the event. This way, you will save your money without compromising any of the fun.

DIY Beauty Treatments

Rather than splurging a lot of money at a beauty parlor, why not try your own home-made beauty treatments. You will come across tons of great tutorials online, where you can find makeup and hair inspiration. Always make sure that you use trusted website. Ask your most beauty-conscious friend to help you out in your prom makeup.

These are a few money-saving secrets that will hopefully help you enjoy a memorable prom night, while curtailing the unnecessary waste.

Top Prom Activities to Get the Party Going

No matter how fanciful prom seems, organizing it is a head-ache just like any other event. And when it comes to teens, it’s the hardest to keep them entertained. That pretentious crowd is always on the lookout to find something wrong. Now that you have chosen the best venue for school prom and decor, what else can you do to make this year’s prom an event to remember for lifetime? Other than dancing and mingling with friends, why not mix up some activities to get the ball rolling? And don’t worry; we are not going to mention prom king and queen competition herein.


That’s no brainer. But why not ditch the photographer and hire a photo booth, probably one with frames, moustaches, funky specs, and hair wigs? This way, teens can take some quirky and informal shots. And the best thing is the teens can take the photos with them on the spot. Wouldn’t it be a nice memory of the night?


Either you can make it a romantic Cinderella affair or  spice it up with exciting games. The ball is in your court but we would like to suggest something offbeat like poker tables, dance competition, or probably a fashion show. Some friendly competition is always enjoyed during such events and it will also work as an ice-breaker.


Choosing the Prom King and Queen is obviously going to be the standard activity. But how about including other superlatives and allow guests to vote for some other titles as well. Think of cool awards like “Best Dress”, “Best Dance”, “Best Hairstyle”, “Most Attractive”, and “Most Likely to End Up on Reality TV”. This will keep the fun quotient up in the party.

Try to include any or all of these activities in your prom and rest assured, because your prom will be cherished for years to come. After all, it’s not the decoration that prom-goers will remember, but the fun moments they have had.

5 Amazing Movie Inspirations for Prom Themes

Prom is undoubtedly one of the most looked-forward-to events in our school lives. And then we have various romantic teen movies, fuelling our desire to be the ultimate Prom King and Queen and move a step closer to finding our one true love. If you have dreamt about the perfect prom night, and well, happen to be in the prom committee of your school, here is your chance at making your most dreamt prom fantasy come alive. Today we intend to discuss 5 most compelling (and romantic) prom ideas inspired from the movies, and how you can make it happen for your school’s prom night.

A Rich Gatsby Style Prom Party!

The Great Gatsby is intense, with a haunting tale of all-consuming love. And didn’t we all love Leonardo as the young and mysterious Jay Gatsby? If you wish to take your prom up a few notches and organize a Gatsby-esque ball worth remembering a lifetime, we are here to help you. While organizing the prom, you should know that a nice dance floor is going to be the biggest highlight of the evening. In order to copy the style and lavishness of a Gatsby party, you should suspend a few mirror balls from the ceiling – don’t be frugal here, the number of mirror balls depend on the size of the floor and the number of people attending the prom – the more, the merrier. Also include a lot of balloons, use them to decorate the stair fences, pillars etc, filling up the room with a lot of pomp and show, quite literally. Also, do not forget the signature gold tinsels which are typical of a Great Gatsby party. Get all of these ingredients ready and you’d have a memorable prom night in place for you.

And do not forget to include the famous theme song from the movie. Allow the glorious melody of Lana Del Ray’s Young and Beautiful fill the room, when the Prom King and Queen have their first dance. Reveal the insecurities of your soul to your partner as the words croon in the background. If you would like to make it a reality, we have got a spending venue for you. We recommend you consider the Parisienne venue for the same.
Love, Romance and Tangled Themed Lanterns

Tangled, unarguably is amongst the most romantic movies ever to be released by the Disney. It is a beautiful moment when Flynn and Rapunzel surrender to each other and sing together “I See the Light” with a million glowing lanterns in the background – making it the most romantic and enviable scenes of all time. Here, however, you have the chance to recreate the fantasy for yourself. So, we have got the soundtrack ready, now we just need a beautiful venue and some other “Tangled” themed settings. And as luck would have it, we have brought both for you. Well, you would have to do a little hard work for the lanterns, but if you get your school mates or hire a team of event organizers to work on it, nothing is impossible. Keep the lightings to a bare minimum, allowing the glowing lanterns to spread the light, and dance holding hands with your crush as the background plays “I See the Light.”

And of course, the choice of venue matters a lot, and hence for your convenience, we highly recommend you book The Rainforest Venue.
10 Things I Hate About You

As a feminist, a “once upon a time” teenager, and as someone who is majorly obsessed with Heath Ledger, this film is a milestone of the sorts. And thus, even though it has been years since Kat (Julia Stiles) dressed in her trademark navy slip dress, entered the venue with Patrick (Ledger!!!!!), we couldn’t help but cheer for the cute couple! And then, it happened, the moment every girl dreams about, Patrick called in a favour and had Kat’s favourite band, Letters to Cleo, to play for her. Obviously, the prom is epic for all the reasons that we can count, and hence, there is no reason why you shouldn’t allow yourself the privilege of reliving the thrill and ecstasy of that movie.

Book an awesome venue and be ready with the set-list of 90’s songs, and this remarkable 10 Things I Hate about You Prom is yours for grabs. We recommend the chic and wow Gibson Hall for the same. Pretty in Pink Remember the sweet and cute.

Pretty in Pink?

The quintessential rich guy and poor girl falling for each other’s romance? Although hackneyed as a concept, the adorably performances and the innocence of the movie set it apart. And the Brat Pack prom scene in the climax is something to die for. Err, well no one is dying here, but this super cute and winsome prom can be yours without much efforts. You perhaps want to keep the dress code pink and black for this getup and with a right venue in place, you’re good to go. We provide you with an awesome choice of venue for the same. Our research revealed The Library venue to completely fit the bill. You can check it yourself and decide.

A Cinderella Story

Let’s be honest here! We all cried when Sam disguised as Cinderella found her Nomad aka Austin Ames aka Prince Charming aka the hottie, Chad Michael Murray. Although in the movie it was termed as the Halloween Dance, we can still very well use the entire setting to serve as our surreal, dream like fantasy prom theme. We have got some amazing outdoor venues for you to host the amazingly romantic teenage prom. And when you include the set-list from the movie’s soundtrack, you get a prom worth remembering for life. And while we are at it, might we recommend the perfect outdoor venue with a beautiful garden? Consider making your “A Cinderella Story” inspired prom dream come true with booking the Conservatory and Garden venue.

And that’s all that we have for today. If you wish to explore some other Hollywood inspired interesting prom ideas, consider reading our other blog post. And now, please share with us your views on these prom themes and venues, in the comments section below.