A-Z Guide to Planning a Prom in London – Part 1

Before wedding, prom is the biggest night in every high school student’s life. And teens want everything to be perfect, from the dress to the decorations. It’s a night of excitement, enjoyment, and above all, expectations. And expectations are so high that even a modest prom costs a lot of cash. Planning a prom in London can be a nerve-wracking experience. Your prom may be months away but consider the fact that it’s soon going to be spring and time will fly like an arrow. So if you really want to make your prom the best ever, this is the right time to kick off planning. And here are our A-Z prom planning ideas so that nothing is left to chance.


Tasks Assigned

Fundraising Committee

Planning Fundraising Events

Working Closely with Budget Committee

Theme and Decoration

Venue decorations


Tablescape like crockery, cutlery, and centrepeices

Venue Committee

Choosing a suitable location

Finding a venue

Working with Budget committee

Budget Committee

Setting a budget for everything including the ticket prices

Setting up a bank account and credit cards

Deciding how much money should be fundraised

Invitations and Guest List

Choose prom invitations and send them

Inviting Non-students such as faculty members

Recruiting teachers and parents as adult chaperones.

Entertainment and Photography

Booking a DJ or band and other entertainers like caricaturist or face painters.

Make a playlist of music to be played during the prom

Choosing a photographer and other entertainers like caricaturist or face painters.

Gifts and Favours

Choose favours for the students

Purchase gifts for Prom Queen, King, and other contests

Food Committee

Choose between buffet and sit down meal

Decide a Food and Drinks Menu as per the budget

Book a caterer

PR Committee

Encourage students to purchase tickets

Create Facebook pages or webpages for the same

Set-Up Committee

Arrive at the venue early to set up decorations

Work closely with the theme and decoration committee

Clean up the mess once the prom is over

A – Agenda

Before jumping on any decisions, prepare an agenda. Make a check-list of things that you have to do and divide into teams accordingly like fundraising , theme and decoration , venue committee, food , invitations and guest list, entertainment and so on.Here is a table of committees you can form.

B – Budget

Before the budget committee allots money for different tasks, you should set up a budget that you’ll need to pull off the event successfully. And work out ways to gather funds for the same. Consider how much of the cost will be covered by selling tickets and how much you need to fund raise.

C – Choose a Location

The school gymnasium? No! Cafeteria? Never! Students don’t want to go back to school to celebrate the end of school. If the venue you’ve chosen is awesome, the party will turn out to be awesome as well. London gives you quite a few unique venue choices  for proms. How about a riverboat, a charter, or a cruise moored on Thames? You can also look for venues that match with your theme. Like if your theme is vintage or Victorian, a livery hall is the best possible budget-friendly option you have. If the budget is low, go for a nightclub. If you want to provide accommodation to students so they don’t indulge in any mischievous activity, how about hotel venues? Choices are endless! All you need to do is choose something that suits your budget and reputation.

D Date

When choosing the date, make sure that you consider other big happenings in school like the Graduation, sports competitions, or big field trips. Discuss with the whole committee to choose a date that suits most of the students.


Why not allow your juniors’ music band to play in the prom. It’s the best budget-friendly option and a nice way to build a better relationship with your juniors. Or you can simply make a n iPod playlist and play the music you like during the party. However, to add more fun to the fiesta, hiring a DJ is the best possible option. There’s no need to hire a belly dancer, musician, or a juggler, as it’s the day when the limelight should be on the prom-goers. However, if you still want to spend on entertainment, consider hiring a face painter or a caricaturist to gift the students eternal memories of prom.

F – Find a Date

In all the responsibilities, don’t forget to ask someone to be your date for the evening. Be creative when asking for prom like tie a balloon on her locker saying “Pop me”. And when she pops, your little love note asking her for prom should come out. You can also fill candies or chocolates in it. Steal something that belongs to the one you want to ask and put a love note inside their hat, book, or whatever. You can give them your message in a bottle as well to surprise.

G – Gifts and Favours

From the crowns and sashes to keepsakes, there’s a lot of gifts that you’ll have to purchase. As mementoes, you can give out picture frames, candle holders, fortune cookies, sandalwood fans, photo cubes, key chains, and travel mugs. You also need to buy prom royalty accessories like tiara, crown, sashes, robes, garters, medallions, throne, and sceptres depending upon your budget.

H – Have Committee Meetings

During the planning process, make sure to hold committee meetings and see how much work is done and what all is left. Set deadlines for different tasks to make things happen in an organized way. Make a spread-sheet of the tasks to be done, and put a tick mark when done.

I – Invitations

Prom invitations are kept for years as keepsakes, so make sure to order the finest quality. And it’s a formal affair, so go with a cursive font rather than something like Comic Sans. If your prom budget allows, you can choose over-the-top invitations like a scroll with a ribbon that has to be unrolled, message in a bottle, or a fan that has to be unfolded to view the announcement. Few of the most important details that you can’t afford to miss are event, date, time, theme, dress code, and location. Don’t send the invites by snail mail as it would turn out to be quite costly, Instead, give invitations when selling tickets.

J – Just Relax

In all the party planning hassles, don’t forget that you have to get ready for the day as well. Look for a suitable dress or tux, get a haircut, a grooming session, and sleep well before the night to make sure to look and feel your best.

K – Kiss or Not

This is one question that you start to ponder over months in advance. And the answer is it all depends upon the big night. If everything goes the way you wanted, a perfect dance and a perfect picture clicked, and now it’s time to see her off, it won’t be difficult for you to decide whether to kiss her or not. If you’ve been observant enough, you’ll know that both of you want it. Make sure that you’re comfortable and alone.

L – Lighting

Although strings of fairy lights will set a romantic tone that’s needed but if you really want to take it to a whole new level, make sure to use mood lighting and Spotlighting effects. Set a romantic violet, pink, or blue aura with ambient lighting and also make sure that the Prom King and Queen are in the spotlight when the moment comes. Gobo lights come in different shapes like stars, hearts, and texts that can help you match with the theme and also give a romantic vibe.

M – Menu

Ideal for small budget and limited seating, buffet is the best choice. The menu will include cheese platters, Caesar salad with toppings, meat trays, side dishes like French fries, pasta, and Cole Saw, and of course pies and cupcakes for desserts. If you have a large number of students and want to serve in minimum time, finger food and appetizers is a good option. A few items to include in the menu are shrimp egg rolls, tortillas with cheese, chicken strips, nuggets, French fries, fried ravioli, cheese and crackers, and mini burgers.  A sit down meal is the most formal option you have and also the most expensive one. It is possible only if the venue is spacious enough to accommodate many tables. However, the above two options are better as you need to serve light food as students won’t like to dance with a heavy stomach. Plus, if you set up a buffet station, it encourages movement which makes the party come alive.

If you’ve done these tasks, half the battle is won. Keep visiting our blog to access the N-Z list of planning a prom in London.