How to be the most desirable man on Prom?

Is prom night giving you jitters? Are you trying to make everything fall into place and yet don’t seem to have an idea how to? Worry not! We feel you, our brothers from different mothers. And hence, here we are, compiling and easy to do guide that you can follow, in order to become the most desirable man on prom. Yes, you read it right! If you would just follow these easy steps, you can easily win over the heart of the girl you like, and more than that, everyone would want to be with you afterwards. So, let us get straight down to business and understand the best way to become the most desirable man on prom.

Ask the Girl Out, and Make it Special!
You cannot enjoy yourself at the prom, if you are not with the girl you want to be. Asking the girl out might just be the most critical aspect of the entire prom planning. If you are already dating someone, then your choice is pretty simple. But if you are single and have been eyeing this girl for a while, Prom would be the right to ask her out. She might be a friend or a classmate, but as long as you are sincere about your feelings, there is a high change she is going to say yes.

Now, asking the girl out might be tricky. Sometimes even the grandest of romantic gestures go out of hands, and at times, just a simple “Hey, would you like to go to prom with me?” work wonders. The point is to do it in your style. So, if gifting an audio tape, making a placard inspired from her favorite novel, or writing on driveways is your style, go ahead and do it. Although, we suggest do not go over the board if you don’t really know the girl that well, and keep it simple.

Go To Prom with Your Group
It is always a nice idea to go to prom in groups. Find a few people that you and your date are comfortable with and stick around with them. Get comfortable with the group, let everyone get to know each other, and hang out often, so that there is a comfort level between everyone. A group is going to help you a lot in surviving the prom.  

Tuxedos are the way to your Woman’s Heart
Truth be told, women love men in Tux. And you would definitely want to look at all hunky and desirable at the prom, and the only way to do that is via fitting into a Tux. Life doesn’t give you that many occasions to fit into a Tux, so while you are at it, might as well dress up and dress to gill. Besides, we suggest you to always rent your Tux and not buy it, because your body is still growing and hence, there is no point in wasting so much money for a one time affair.

Sleek Hair Cut and Razor Shaves  
Plan the way you are going to look at the prom. Yes, that is important. So, if you need a haircut, get it done a week before the prom, because that ways you hair would have enough time to settle down, and if it does end up being one disaster of a haircut, you can still do something about it, while you still have time. And shave the morning of your prom, that ways you end up looking rather sharp and sleek.

Get Your Girl A Corsage
If in case you don’t know, those little arrangement of flowers that girls wear around their wrist, is known as a corsage. It can also be pinned to her dress; either ways, girls love corsage. Besides, it makes them look delicate as a daisy. But here, the catch is to pick up a corsage that goes with the colour of the dress of your date.

Make Dinner Reservations
It is often nice to have your date fed and prepped before you leave for the prom. You, along with your group of chums might go out and grab a bite at a fancy restaurant. Obviously, you want to floor your date, thus ensure that the dinner reservations are done at a spot which is decent and tasteful. Besides, when you are here, you need not act like a bunch of over grown teens and throw tantrums around and be loud. Carry yourself with debonair style. Talk softly, pay attention to what your date is saying and ask questions. Do suggest what is good to order and why, that tells you really know about stuff.  

Be Her Knight in Shining Armour at the Prom
From getting the door for her, to helping her with the dress and leading her to the dance floor, you get every opportunity to be her knight in the shining armour. Just a quick tip – do get the photographs done while you are still free before all the dancing. And when you are at the prom, do spend much time on the dance floor dancing – girls love that, and well, that is what you are there for, right?

The Perfect Ending
Well, do remember to take the girl back to her home at the stipulated time. And yes, we know you may have other plans after the prom night is over, but you can go a little old school at this. There is something deeply gratifying about delayed pleasures, and thus, take prom very easy. Do not ever do anything that the girl is not comfortable with, and most of all, just know that you are going to get a lot of more opportunities. For the night, you might kiss her goodnight, but we recommend you take the rest of it slow and steady.

So that’s it. Pay heed to these small little things, and surely, you will win the heart of your girl.
If you have any more questions regarding planning the prom, feel free to get in touch with us. You can also share your opinions in the comments section below.