After Prom Party Ideas for Conservative Teens in London

After prom parties in London are usually associated with booze-laden revelry and fun. For highschoolers, it is normally the first time when they come in contact with alcohol. Blind following of the Hollywood has led to this trend. That’s why, for some students who are conservative and religious, fun at prom literally ends with the prom party itself.
However, even if you are traditional, you need not curtail your fun at the end of prom party itself. You too can have a rocking after prom party. We give you some ideas that will help you in prolonging the fun on your prom night.

Head to a Restaurant with your Friends
It is one of the best options you can have. Book some chairs for you and your friends at restaurant party venues. However, it isadvisable that you book your chairs few days in advance. Go for that restaurant that is quite chic and classy. Since you are already dressed to kill, so it will only be befitting that you rock the party at such restaurant which is very glamorous and equates the glamour of the occasion.

And if you are thinking that you will not have as good a time in the restaurants as your other friends are having, shed this misapprehension. The restaurant party venues in London offer exquisite facilities like spacious ambience, delicious multi-cuisine meals, friendly staff and so on. Therefore, rest assured, you will have the time of your life there.

Have a Ball
What about having a ball party? This graceful and elegant dance can be the theme for your after prom party. There are a number of cheap dinner dance venues in London where you can host your after prom ball party. You can ask your all friends to gather at the venue with their ball dresses on. If you are worried about the preparations, then you can ask for help in preparations from the venue staff. Not only the ball venues in London are well-facilitated but most of them also have an in-house staff to help you at every step.

Plan some Activity
Planning some fun activities will increase the entertainment quotient of your after prom. Going for a movie or bowling isnot an enticing option now. How about having a Karaoke session? It can be followed by an acting session where all of your friends will have to act like their favourite actor or actress. If you want, you can also have a “hidden talent” competition. Who knows, you come across the next Michael Jackson or the next Enrique or the next Celine Dion among your friends?

Being conservative does not mean that you have to put a stop to your fun at prom night with the prom party itself. Take a clue from these ideas and keep on moving.