Tips on Recreating a Prom for those who Missed Theirs

Prom night is one of the most magical ones for teenagers in London. However, there may be some students who could not attend the prom party in the city due to some unforeseen circumstances. If you know someone who missed his/her prom, you can recreate the alluring charm of the prom night with these ideas:

Start with an Appropriate Venue

Book prom venues in London where your friends (who missed the prom fun) will have unrestrained flow of fun. Dance floor is necessary and so are sophisticated AV systems. Additionally, there should be on-site caterers at the venue that would take care of the ‘meal’ aspect.

Take Professional Help

Hire an event planner that can aid you in planning and managing the event. You are organising the prom not the school authorities. Therefore, hire a managing team. Professional touch to the party will make it organised.

Choosing the Best Theme

The prom is for your friends and not for you. Try incorporating those themes, which would allure your friends. It is best to consult your friends beforehand and then decorating the venue in the London city accordingly.

Inviting People

Make a list of those people who know your friends intimately and invite them to the party. You should invite as many people as you can (keeping in mind the budget part). It would be even better if you inform them about the theme of the party and ask them to dress accordingly.

Transportation Ideas

Hire an expensive, chauffeur-driven car that would pick your friends and guests of the party. Whatever vehicle you are hiring, make sure that it is elegantly ornamented and the service is smooth.

Post Prom Ideas

Introduce some creative after prom party ideas, which would keep the party on. There are plenty of options like having a Karaoke Night, planning a Casino Night or Midnight Movies. Pick the crowd favourite, as it will charm the majority of your guests.

Reinventing the aura of prom night for your friends is an entertaining way to let them enjoy the fun, which they missed earlier. Use these tips and plan a perfect prom affair for your friends.