Useful Ideas for Your Greek Themed Prom Party in London

Prom season is here in London and all of you would be making plans for your prom party. After all, it will be one of the biggest days of your life. However, with all the previous themes for proms used to exhaustion, the proms in London usually becomes a monotonous affair. You need to come up with a radical theme so that your prom does not run the risk of being bore.

To make your prom a truly remarkable affair, you can have the Greek theme for your party at London prom venues. This will not only be quite distinct but also put a touch of history into your prom affair in London. Here are some ideas, which you can use to infuse the Greek charm.


The ideal venue for a Greek themed prom party would be historic venues in London. As you know, Greece has a rich history, which goes back to ancient times. So, it would be apt that you book a venue in London which can equate the unsurpassable history of this country.

The costume that is most commonly associated with the Greeks is Toga. It is a loose flowing outer garment, made out of a single piece of clothing, which covers majority of the body. Although it is predominantly a male costume, but girls can also wear this. However, if you as a girl are not comfortable wearing this, then you can opt for Greek Goddess costumes like of Aphrodite. They are mostly free flowing gowns, quite elaborate and elegant in structure.

Drape all the furniture of your prom party venue with white sheets. You can also use streaks of purple and burgundy fabrics. Placing white statues will pronounce the Greek charm at the venue. At the table, use a lot of candles. If you can, try putting some floating candles in clear bowls of water. They will be magnificent add-on as centrepieces.

Furthermore, you can paste the pictures of Apollo, Zeus and other Greek gods. Greek epics and tragedies are known worldwide. Decorating the venue in sync with the epics can also be done.

Food Ideas
Greek cuisine is extremely rich and full of colours. Ceaser salad, chicken with red peppers, baked stuffed calamari, hummus, and stuffed grape leaves are the best choices. To accentuate the Greek flavour, choose white silverware and crockery.
For Greek themed party, prepare cocktails using ouzo, a type of Greek liquor. If you are not able to find ouzo, you can replace it with vodka. But, if the guests at your party are on the lighter side when it comes to drinks, you can go for Greek wines, which are milder.
Throwing a Greek prom party can be very entertaining and fascinating. With the help of these ideas, you can infuse the historic charm of Greece to your prom.

Topmost Bars and Wine Bars Venues London to Hold your Prom

Prom season is here in London and if you are looking for some glitzy venues to hold your prom, then head for bars. The London wine bars provide not only dazzling facilities but also add that punch of fun and glamour to your prom. Therefore, if your prom is imminent, and you are looking for a place where you can party hard, just check in these party venues and blow the night away.

Ministry of Sound
If you want to get flooded with a host of unrivalled options, Ministry of Sound is the place to be. This venue has distinctive rooms, bars, dance floors, DJ booths, and a luxurious lounge on offer. With amazing sound, laser facilities and a lip smacking menu like British and Global cuisines, this bar is a red hot place to host you prom party. The maximum capacity of this venue is 700. As far as music goes, this bar frequently hosts artistes and DJs to rev up the party. Take your prom to this venue and step into “dirty dancing” shoes.

Rainforest Café
Infuse some tropical colour in your prom at this quirky venue. This unusually themed café is filled with animatronics of elephants, crocodiles and other wildlife animals. Rainforest Café has the maximum accommodation of 650. The menu here too is tropically inspired with some bizarre names like Leaping Lizard Mezze, Coastal Calamari and so on. If you are with a small contingent and want to book a smaller space, then Butterfly Room and the Forest Floor are ideal for you. Parking facilities are available, but with at an extra cost. However, if you want to reach the café through the tube, then the nearest tube station is the Piccadilly.

Orion and Perseus Suite
An opulent place awaits you in the form of the Orion and Perseus Suite. High flexibility, mobile wall partitions, LED studded lavish high ceilings, mouth-watering dining facilities and a superb in-house AV are some of its features. Besides, its close proximity to the Russell Square tube station makes it easily accessible.

Make your prom a highly entertaining affair with these bar venues. The facilities here will leave you craving for more.

How to Have an Alcohol Free After Prom Party in London

Many of the students in London look forward to after prom revelry when the dancing is over. Most of the high-school students usually have their first contact with the perilous world of alcohol during such parties. Glorification of alcohol laden after prom parties by Hollywood has led to this trend. If your prom is imminent and you want to keep your after prom a booze free affair at prom venues London, then take the following steps.

Spread the Word
It is most probably the best way to curb the menacing tentacles of alcohol on your after prom affair. The fact should be mentioned in the prom invitation that the after prom party would be an alcohol free affair. Dissipating the message through word-of-mouth can also be a good option. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Furthermore, driving your booze-carrying friend away from the prom would be a more awkward affair than telling that person straightaway beforehand.

Choose Correct Venue
Scratching your head as how a venue can have an effect on the booze factor? Think again on this. Selecting a correct venue can go a long way in keeping a check on the booze. For example, if you are organising your after prom party at bars and wine bars venue London, then chances are high that there will be an unrestrained flow of booze on offer for young revellers. Therefore, think for a more sophisticated and stylish party venue. Hosting the party at restaurant venues in London can be a good option.

Be Creative in Organising the Party
While organising your party, try to infuse the fun element. Large-scale party attractions can compensate for the booze. Sumo rings, moon bounces, and trampolines can fuel the adrenaline level in the partiers without taking recourse to wine.

Food and Drinks Part
Introduce a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages like root beer, DIY Thai Iced Tea, Rhubarb juice and many more. As far as food part is concerned, you can go for a large number of cuisines (keeping the crowd favourite in mind). However, keep large portions, as the appetite of the teenagers is quite big.

After prom is an event to celebrate in the right fashion. Do not muddle it up with booze. Employ these ideas and party sensibly and alcohol-free.

Let Your Prom Sing with DJ and Music Venues London

Prom is the most eagerly awaited event for students. They let their hair loose and enjoy to the maximum on the day. However, no party is complete without music. Music is the soul of every party. It applies for prom too. There are so many DJ and music venues London where you can infuse that revitalising soul to your party. In addition to being easily accessible, these venues have excellent facilities to make your prom a “one-of-a-kind” affair.
Koko is an enticing nightclub, with huge space to hold up to 1500 people. The alluring interiors are quite evocative indeed. Considered as one of the most music supported venues in London, the state-of-the-art facilities here are worth recommending. A huge mirror ball hanging off the ceiling gives this venue a real celebratory look and the music will definitely blow you away.

The Wren
Easily reachable from the Mansion House tube station, The Wren offers a maximum capacity for up to 1200 people. Its dreamy interiors and exquisite facilities will make your prom a truly special one. The extensive space of this venue is fully fitted with latest AV system, LED lighting, full-range speakers etc. Book this party space and infuse your party with a musical vitality.

British Academic Society
If you need a classy prom celebration, this is the place to be. Located in the Westminster, London, this whole place reflects a Georgian luxuriousness. With plenty of rooms to choose from, you are sure to be spoilt for choices. This cheap dinner dance venue will be quite easy on your pockets too. Searcys are in-house catering partners in this venue. Therefore, you need worry about food and drinks as the catering facilities here are quite superb.
Prom parties without good music facilities are like tea without sugar. Hire from the venues mentioned above make your prom an affair to remember.

Cute and Charming Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom

Asking a girl to prom can be one of the most taxing tasks for a teenager. To stand out of the crowd, your way has to be delectably distinct from others and yet quite endearing. If your prom is imminent and you want to show up at your prom venue London with your dream girl, use these tips. They will make sure that your prom night is magical with your beloved accompanying you.

Pass a Note
It may sound an enforced cliché, but this is one of the sweetest ways of asking a girl to prom. Pass her a simple note asking whether she wants to attend the prom with you or not? Below your message, write options of “yes” or “no” and instructions to circle the desired option. Do not complicate the message. This gesture is not only appealing but also fetch you an instant reply.

Write It on a Cake
Adorn the cake with your prom invitation. If you are good at making cakes, then you can bake a cake for her with your invitation beautifying the cake surface. If you are not a cook, do not despair. Simply order a cake with your “Will you go to prom with me?” question gorgeously carved out in the colour red (red being the colour of love). Present her this cake and who knows she presents you a cake with a “yes” printed on it. Try this out.

Make Her Realize That She is Extremely Special for You
Do something special for your beloved before prom and let her know about this. For example, your prom party happens to be in dance venues London. You have two left feet when it comes to dancing and your beloved is a pro at that. Then learn how to dance. Afterwards, pass on this message that you have learnt how to dance only and only for her. This will definitely win her heart.

Prom nights become magical if your beloved is with you. Use these tips and attend your prom party with the girl of your dreams.
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