Tips on Recreating a Prom for those who Missed Theirs

Prom night is one of the most magical ones for teenagers in London. However, there may be some students who could not attend the prom party in the city due to some unforeseen circumstances. If you know someone who missed his/her prom, you can recreate the alluring charm of the prom night with these ideas:

Start with an Appropriate Venue

Book prom venues in London where your friends (who missed the prom fun) will have unrestrained flow of fun. Dance floor is necessary and so are sophisticated AV systems. Additionally, there should be on-site caterers at the venue that would take care of the ‘meal’ aspect.

Take Professional Help

Hire an event planner that can aid you in planning and managing the event. You are organising the prom not the school authorities. Therefore, hire a managing team. Professional touch to the party will make it organised.

Choosing the Best Theme

The prom is for your friends and not for you. Try incorporating those themes, which would allure your friends. It is best to consult your friends beforehand and then decorating the venue in the London city accordingly.

Inviting People

Make a list of those people who know your friends intimately and invite them to the party. You should invite as many people as you can (keeping in mind the budget part). It would be even better if you inform them about the theme of the party and ask them to dress accordingly.

Transportation Ideas

Hire an expensive, chauffeur-driven car that would pick your friends and guests of the party. Whatever vehicle you are hiring, make sure that it is elegantly ornamented and the service is smooth.

Post Prom Ideas

Introduce some creative after prom party ideas, which would keep the party on. There are plenty of options like having a Karaoke Night, planning a Casino Night or Midnight Movies. Pick the crowd favourite, as it will charm the majority of your guests.

Reinventing the aura of prom night for your friends is an entertaining way to let them enjoy the fun, which they missed earlier. Use these tips and plan a perfect prom affair for your friends.

Hottest School Prom Venues in London

The only thing in your mind when you finish your school is throwing an extravagant prom party to celebrate the advent of your new life i.e. college life. And, for that you need a venue, a venue that comes with exquisite facilities, ideal location, superb service and above all dazzling ambience. There are a number of such school prom venues in London that come with all such services. Given below are some of them:

The Parisienne
Address: Coventry Street, London, Westminster, W1D
Infusing an unrivalled dazzle and glamour to your prom would be this venue. With the maximum capacity of 715, Parisienne in Westminster has three bars (Red bar, Blue bar and Fantasy Room), the mezzanine and a spacious dance floor. The music here varies from night to night, however, you can expect a dizzying combination of funk, hip-hop and disco beats. Here you have the option of hiring the whole venue or hiring it in portions, whatever your requirements may be.

British Academic Society

Address: 10 Carlton House Terrace, Westminster, London, SW1Y 5AH
Located in Greater London, British Academic Society is a historic building evoking Georgian grace. There are seven function rooms at this venue where you can hold your prom with the Lecture Hall and Mall Room being the biggest in terms of capacity (80). As far as cuisines are concerned, the in-house caterer here serves International, Thai, Italian and Global cuisines to please your taste buds. Apart from this, this venue boasts services like latest AV equipments, excellent sound systems and ample space.

The Conservatory and Garden
Address: Montague Street, City of London, London, WC1
This versatile venue is ideal for hosting a number of events like BBQ, Summer party, corporate affairs and of course school proms. The indoor capacity of the Conservatory and Garden is 250 and the outdoor 170. The facilities here are exquisite and services too are remarkable. The in-house caterers at this venue offer a mouth-savouring variety of cuisines that includes Chinese, Modern European and International. Additionally, the event co-ordinators at this exotic venue will help you at every step in making your prom an unforgettable affair.


Address: 61-65 Great Queen Street, Westminster, London, WC2B 5BZ
With three function rooms and the maximum capacity of 1000, Sway will definitely sway you away with its dazzle and facilities. The three lavish bars (named Cream, Crystal and Milk) are ideal for dancing the night away with your friends. However, if you want to give your school prom a ‘retro’ twist, then hire Groovy Wonderland,  a 70s and 80s themed disco. You can also have themed decorations here according to your likings. The venue has the services of an eatery that has a mind-boggling array of cuisines. Hire this venue and experience the difference.

School prom comes only once, therefore, make sure that you design your prom to perfection. Choose from the venues given above and give your prom a celebratory air.

After Prom Party Ideas for Conservative Teens in London

After prom parties in London are usually associated with booze-laden revelry and fun. For highschoolers, it is normally the first time when they come in contact with alcohol. Blind following of the Hollywood has led to this trend. That’s why, for some students who are conservative and religious, fun at prom literally ends with the prom party itself.
However, even if you are traditional, you need not curtail your fun at the end of prom party itself. You too can have a rocking after prom party. We give you some ideas that will help you in prolonging the fun on your prom night.

Head to a Restaurant with your Friends
It is one of the best options you can have. Book some chairs for you and your friends at restaurant party venues. However, it isadvisable that you book your chairs few days in advance. Go for that restaurant that is quite chic and classy. Since you are already dressed to kill, so it will only be befitting that you rock the party at such restaurant which is very glamorous and equates the glamour of the occasion.

And if you are thinking that you will not have as good a time in the restaurants as your other friends are having, shed this misapprehension. The restaurant party venues in London offer exquisite facilities like spacious ambience, delicious multi-cuisine meals, friendly staff and so on. Therefore, rest assured, you will have the time of your life there.

Have a Ball
What about having a ball party? This graceful and elegant dance can be the theme for your after prom party. There are a number of cheap dinner dance venues in London where you can host your after prom ball party. You can ask your all friends to gather at the venue with their ball dresses on. If you are worried about the preparations, then you can ask for help in preparations from the venue staff. Not only the ball venues in London are well-facilitated but most of them also have an in-house staff to help you at every step.

Plan some Activity
Planning some fun activities will increase the entertainment quotient of your after prom. Going for a movie or bowling isnot an enticing option now. How about having a Karaoke session? It can be followed by an acting session where all of your friends will have to act like their favourite actor or actress. If you want, you can also have a “hidden talent” competition. Who knows, you come across the next Michael Jackson or the next Enrique or the next Celine Dion among your friends?

Being conservative does not mean that you have to put a stop to your fun at prom night with the prom party itself. Take a clue from these ideas and keep on moving.

Useful Ideas for Your Greek Themed Prom Party in London

Prom season is here in London and all of you would be making plans for your prom party. After all, it will be one of the biggest days of your life. However, with all the previous themes for proms used to exhaustion, the proms in London usually becomes a monotonous affair. You need to come up with a radical theme so that your prom does not run the risk of being bore.

To make your prom a truly remarkable affair, you can have the Greek theme for your party at London prom venues. This will not only be quite distinct but also put a touch of history into your prom affair in London. Here are some ideas, which you can use to infuse the Greek charm.


The ideal venue for a Greek themed prom party would be historic venues in London. As you know, Greece has a rich history, which goes back to ancient times. So, it would be apt that you book a venue in London which can equate the unsurpassable history of this country.

The costume that is most commonly associated with the Greeks is Toga. It is a loose flowing outer garment, made out of a single piece of clothing, which covers majority of the body. Although it is predominantly a male costume, but girls can also wear this. However, if you as a girl are not comfortable wearing this, then you can opt for Greek Goddess costumes like of Aphrodite. They are mostly free flowing gowns, quite elaborate and elegant in structure.

Drape all the furniture of your prom party venue with white sheets. You can also use streaks of purple and burgundy fabrics. Placing white statues will pronounce the Greek charm at the venue. At the table, use a lot of candles. If you can, try putting some floating candles in clear bowls of water. They will be magnificent add-on as centrepieces.

Furthermore, you can paste the pictures of Apollo, Zeus and other Greek gods. Greek epics and tragedies are known worldwide. Decorating the venue in sync with the epics can also be done.

Food Ideas
Greek cuisine is extremely rich and full of colours. Ceaser salad, chicken with red peppers, baked stuffed calamari, hummus, and stuffed grape leaves are the best choices. To accentuate the Greek flavour, choose white silverware and crockery.
For Greek themed party, prepare cocktails using ouzo, a type of Greek liquor. If you are not able to find ouzo, you can replace it with vodka. But, if the guests at your party are on the lighter side when it comes to drinks, you can go for Greek wines, which are milder.
Throwing a Greek prom party can be very entertaining and fascinating. With the help of these ideas, you can infuse the historic charm of Greece to your prom.

Topmost Bars and Wine Bars Venues London to Hold your Prom

Prom season is here in London and if you are looking for some glitzy venues to hold your prom, then head for bars. The London wine bars provide not only dazzling facilities but also add that punch of fun and glamour to your prom. Therefore, if your prom is imminent, and you are looking for a place where you can party hard, just check in these party venues and blow the night away.

Ministry of Sound
If you want to get flooded with a host of unrivalled options, Ministry of Sound is the place to be. This venue has distinctive rooms, bars, dance floors, DJ booths, and a luxurious lounge on offer. With amazing sound, laser facilities and a lip smacking menu like British and Global cuisines, this bar is a red hot place to host you prom party. The maximum capacity of this venue is 700. As far as music goes, this bar frequently hosts artistes and DJs to rev up the party. Take your prom to this venue and step into “dirty dancing” shoes.

Rainforest Café
Infuse some tropical colour in your prom at this quirky venue. This unusually themed café is filled with animatronics of elephants, crocodiles and other wildlife animals. Rainforest Café has the maximum accommodation of 650. The menu here too is tropically inspired with some bizarre names like Leaping Lizard Mezze, Coastal Calamari and so on. If you are with a small contingent and want to book a smaller space, then Butterfly Room and the Forest Floor are ideal for you. Parking facilities are available, but with at an extra cost. However, if you want to reach the café through the tube, then the nearest tube station is the Piccadilly.

Orion and Perseus Suite
An opulent place awaits you in the form of the Orion and Perseus Suite. High flexibility, mobile wall partitions, LED studded lavish high ceilings, mouth-watering dining facilities and a superb in-house AV are some of its features. Besides, its close proximity to the Russell Square tube station makes it easily accessible.

Make your prom a highly entertaining affair with these bar venues. The facilities here will leave you craving for more.