Is This What You Wanted to Know About Prom Parties in London

Striking the raw nerve of most teenagers, merely the thought of prom night is so exciting. Being one of the most formal and memorable event in an individual’s life, prom parties are perfect way to dress up best with your friends and have fun.

A number of factors need to be considered to have a successful prom event.

Prom Venue
If you are planning to host the prom event at a place other than the school, selecting one of the prom venues in London different from the usual party halls can make your celebration unique. 

  • Dance Club:  There may be many such venues, which allow only 18 above. The owner may allow your class to hire the space for the evening. Make sure their sound system is the thrilling one to make your party rocking.
  • Convention Halls: Convention halls are often dull simple halls but the advantage is that you can decorate them according to your choice. These halls are blank canvas and this is the reason they are perfect for prom parties. You can arrange almost anything according to your desire.
  • Historic Halls: A historic location is another ideal choice to make your event historic and memorable. Your prom is surely going to become and exciting and unique at such an exclusive venue. 
  • Hotel Venues: If budget is not a constraint, nothing can be better than hosting a prom in a hotel venue with luxurious facilities and wonderful decor.

Prom Menu
Whether you are planning for a sit down dinner or buffet, go for a menu that serves widely loved food with variety as much as you can afford. Steaks and chicken pastas are the classics liked by all. Desserts can include cup cakes or ice cream sundaes.

So, for a lifetime experience, organise and execute your party planning up to perfection. You can even have theme parties to hold your prom.

Fantastic Theme Ideas for Your Next Prom Party in London

A prom party in London is a night to remember that provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience to every high school kid. Although it is a formal occasion, but that does not mean it cannot be fun. Plan your prom party around a particular theme, and make this night to remember for years to come. But, to make the night more memorable, you need a venue that may create a difference at your party. Prom venues in London are perfect party option for you, as they have onsite planners who can plan an event according to your theme. Just stay in contact with these event planners and have a majestic prom party in London. To make it more spectacular, use these theme ideas:

Starry Night

This is a charming celestial theme, which will have the classic romantic effect on your prom night. Hire a historic hall or castle in London and decorate the space with navy blue or black tablecloths. Use drapes and low lights to keep it dark. White string lights around the hall will represent stars. For bringing the effect of a galaxy, use anything glittery, planetary bodies, or glow-in-the-dark stars. On the menu, serve items that are related to planets and stars. Mini sandwiches in star shape or cheese from the moon are perfect choices.


Add lot of fun and nostalgia to your prom party by using a retro or a vintage theme at the event. Some of the popular retro decades include 1950s, 1970s, and 1980s. Add more realism to your event by using retro-themed decorations and top 40 hits from that decade. Hire a good DJ and ask them to play a selection of music from the era. Research about the decade online and dress up in their clothing styles, hairstyles, and jewellery. You will find several suitable restaurant prom venues in London for this theme.     


Classic Romance

London proms are formal events and romantic themes will always excite young couples. Pick this classic romance theme and use titles like ‘Forever Tonight’ and ‘A Night To Remember’ to address your party. For decorations, use plenty of dark red and gold accents, such as curtains, chairs, and tablecloths. Add hearts and soft lights at the party hall as well. Place red roses on each table and have your guests eat by candlelight. Romantic food items like chocolates, strawberries, oysters, and grapes are must on your party menu.

These themes and party ideas will surely add more fun and appeal to your prom party. Just hire a wonderful space in the capital city and enjoy your high school prom in style. 

Prom Party Tips for 2013: What To Do Before The Big Prom Evening Falls

Planning begins months before the big prom evening. Finding suitable prom venues and getting best taste for the prom feast is also a part of this. So, from finding right theme to help the partiers shell off their formalities, to getting in right mood of celebration, carry each of these details with punctilious care, to make this prom evening a big evening! 
Have a Right Set Of Plan: 
It is very crucial to have a right set of plan for the prom eve. You will need a plan that keeps the inhibitions away and each partier participates in best spirit. Bring some innovative ideas, vivacious theme, interesting games and food to make this happen. Have something planned for each moment of the party, and try not to leave loopholes in between. 

A Suitable Prom Venue: 
You need a suitable venue to make your prom fun inducing. And inviting them to a good venue is the first gesture which will send thrills in your guests. And the best way to find such a prom venue is by looking in the right area, with a capacity matchable to your guest list. And most importantly, look for an interior and amenity support that suits your theme. 

Do Have a Rest Room: 
Girls are going to need it for their last minute touch ups, use their floss, try out something new to suit the party well. Basically, it is to let them feel confident of their looks. This part is going to be one very important aspect for girls. 

Frothy Concoctions: 
You might not be allowed to take alcohol. But you can still try the frothy concoctions, to give a deceptive suggestion of alcohol. This will be a charm for everyone at the party. 
Avoid Messy Food: 
The idea is to serve good, easily eatable food and have maximum fun with mates on a full stomach. And you can do it with a serve of finger food, or anything that does not create a mess, like cheeses, fruit kebabs, melon, grapes, and kiwi. 

Start planning everything with a suitable theme, and work ahead with these ideas. Do bring a soothing music for the background, on which partiers can move their legs.

Selecting London Prom Venues – Tips to Do It Right

Prom season will be in London very soon, and before you head out for your big night, you may want to host a grand bash for your friends. From invitations, decorations, food to dance, you have plenty of things to plan for your party. But, one thing that is crucial for your bash is selecting a quintessential venue. In a city as lively as London, you will find a wide range of venues that suit your party requirements and budget. However, there are few things which you need to follow when you hire London prom venues as per your choice.

Here are few important tips that you can follow to hire the right party space for you:

People often feel uncomfortable if the venue is located too far off from their home or if the party hall is not conveniently accessible. So, select a prom party venue, which is located centrally and is connected with major tube stations in London.

It is always important to hire a venue that can accommodate all guests at one place. It must have adequate area to spread out your tables and chairs. Also, there should be enough space, where your invitees can stand and mingle around.

Make sure the catering at the venue is appropriate according to your demands. It should be relevant to your party budget as well as the party mood. Prom party catering should bring excellent tastes along with elegance to your guests. So, select dishes that meet varied tastes and preferences of your friends.


Select a London venue with exceptional managerial capabilities. An event like prom requires lot of thinking as well as managing. If you plan to host the party at a grand level, then make sure the space has expert professionals to manage with the crowd’s spirit going mad. This is an important quality, which will decide the success of your event.

Follow these essential tips when you choose the right prom venue. Most prom venues in London are capable for hosting extravagant celebrations for students graduating from their high schools or colleges.

Best Pick of Prom Venues for the Year 2013

Prom is basically a formal get-together of high school students and is usually arranged when a senior year ends. These kinds of party arrangements are immensely popular in the capital city, thus featuring the most dazzling prom venues in London. It is a foremost affair amid high school students and every year they prefer to party at the most popular London venues.

Lot of money goes into finalising the best prom venues. Prom season will be soon in the city, involving the best of ideas to make it finest this year. Here are some of the popular prom venues that can be hired in the upcoming year 2013:

This startling nightclub venue at the bottom of the Camden High Street is a Grade II listed building. To catch up with London’s vibrant club scene, Koko is the place and is among the best known places to party. It offers a great blend of club nights and live bands. It features great interiors with deep red colour scheme and sparkling chandeliers, making it an absolute choice for prom parties.

The Wren:
Do you want to party at a central London location? The Wren provides an ultimate option. This venue in London is suitable for dance events, gala banquets, award ceremonies, dinner and dance. The Wren comprises of the latest audio-visual equipments including huge plasma screens, full-range speakers etc. Hand picked furnishings make the venue lavish.

Ministry of Sound:
Yet another groovy nightclub venue in London, the Ministry of Sound features an impressive dance floor and a massive sound system. It is a home to some renowned DJs. This is one of the best prom party venues for 2013 in London. Every weekend this club attracts thousands of people. With suitable decorations, the place creates a stunning environment for any theme. .

The Rotunde:
The Rotunde is one of the iconic venues in London for prom parties with perfect setting. It has the capacity to accommodate around 280 people on the ground level. The fabulous riverside terrace overlooks The Houses of Parliament and the famous Big Ben. The place offers stunning facilities and interiors for hosting the best of prom parties in London.

Other than these, there are several venues to catch up with for arranging the best prom parties 2013.